4 thoughts on “Being alone isn’t all that bad…”

  1. I’ve been that way for 51 years, and now I wouldn’t have it any other way! :D. Yes, you have 3 Hellidays to deal with, Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years but I just treat them as a free day off from work! I’ve fill my life with adopted pets.

  2. I totally feel the same way. Moving out on my own as my roommate is going to live with her BF is both liberating and the scariest thing ever. I do not want to become a crazy cat lady.

  3. Yeah, I know that. I’m happy being on my own… But I’m afraid I’ll be on my own forever…

  4. Jesus will never leave you alone or forsake you and loves you unconditionally. It took me ages to realize that He is just about the only person I can always say that about. He will teach you how to make alone time and holidays into a time to give of yourself to ease the suffering of others instead of suffering alone. Get a puppy and visit a nursing home if you want to see how much lonlier others are than you and how much your presence is appreciated.

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