My friends trust me with their darkest secrets.

My friends trust me with their darkest secrets.

My friends trust me with their darkest secrets.

I will always be there for my friends and I value loyalty above all else.

But, knowing their secrets is taking a toll on me and I can only remain silent.

6 thoughts on “My friends trust me with their darkest secrets.”

  1. Their are other virtues held as tantamount directives that must precede loyalty. LOVE, Kindness, Truth, Justice, Honor, Decency, Respect.

    We all fall short of perfection it is true. So thusly we all have shame and regrets. However we are only as sick as our secrets. As a result our secrets can and will make us sick if not reconciled.

    Your so called friends trusted with info that lightened their load but burdened you. Their intent was purely self serving and with no regard for how it would impact you. If your friends secrets hurt others including you, you have a moral obligation to do the right thing and convince your friend to tell the proper authority/people or share in their blame for the completed outcome.

  2. A few years ago, during one of the hardest times of my life (I was almost homeless and had nothing but my friends), I was feeling the same way about my interpersonal relationships, and began some soul searching. In the end I determined that this is what a person oftentimes get from a Minister and that I was indeed ministering to their emotional needs.
    I ceased challenging it. I ceased holding on to emotions regarding their situations as much as possible. I have learned to be the ear they need. The person with the damp shoulder. The one who calls and makes sure people are okay.
    I have followed the path laid out before me, not the one I thought that I was going to follow. It has led me to a beautiful home with a wonderful husband. I have began to grow much of my own food. Every week, I light a fire in the yard and encourage those who attend to write down what troubles them, we pass a talking stick and burn the written worries as a form of release.
    I still hear everyone’s secrets. I know that everyone needs someone to trust. They trust you and I agree it can be heavy, however they know why they trust you…trust them as well-you may surprised where they lead you.
    And in case they don’t say it…Thanks for listening and not judging.

  3. RevMommaGlo, thank you. I needed to read that.

    And no, this secret was not mine.Its amazing how other peoples secrets are the same as our own, and how others comments, cant help.

    Thank you.

  4. Secrets, once shared… lose their power. write them down then burn them, tell them to us @ post secret,but remember theyre not yours you shouldnt have to carry them.

  5. I know this feeling, to the point where I get scared to get drunk because I say more. I shared a secret that I should not have not long ago, and have not felt more regret since.

    I’m also tired of being expected to bear the brunt of everyone else’s problem.

  6. You poor thing living like that! Thanks for the tip about settnig the alarm clock for 45 minutes or so. I am definitely going to try that. I work well under pressure so if I set a timer, I will feel pressured to finish whatever I’m working on by then. I bet I’ll get a lot more work done.Lisa McLellan

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