My friends joke and call me annorexic. It’s true.

My friends joke and call me annorexic. It's true.

My friends joke and call me annorexic. It’s true.

4 Comments on “My friends joke and call me annorexic. It’s true.

  1.  by  Jenn

    Please, please, please find yourself some help. You deserve SO much better than this. Vanity is not more important than health, self-esteem is not found through self loathing, and no one is pretty when they are slowly dying. People love you and want to see you happy. Reach out to them. Let them help you heal. You have a long road ahead of you, but sharing the secret proves you want to overcome, and you can do it.

  2.  by  liz

    whats worse is apparently what the girl in this picture is seeing in the mirror is exactly the sort of body i would want to have but im about 3 times bigger. the idea of what is fat and what is not in todays society is grossly exaggerated. i want to see more size 12/14/16 models who actually represent the majority of people!!!

  3.  by  Liz

    My sister just admitted to me and my family three months ago that she was anorexic. We had suspicions for years but never said anything! Your friends might not be joking and trying to see how you respond. My sister is home now after three months at rosewood ranch which is a center for eating disorders. Get help because you can beat it. Im not anorexic not have i ever been so i can not completely understand but i know you are hurting more than just yourself so overcome it! Just tell someone who you know won’t think its a joke and they will help you find help

  4.  by  I_m_not_concentrating

    the girl in the mirror is me *ohshitIAMfatIknewit* D:

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