My friend accepted me when I told her I was gay.

My friend accepted me when I told her I was gay.

My friend accepted me when I told her I was gay.

When she told me her secret, I told her she had mental health issues.

7 Comments on “My friend accepted me when I told her I was gay.

  1.  by  Mason

    I do hope you apologized to her for this — what you did is reprehensible. I was grateful to have friends who accepted me unconditionally for being gay – and I would never turn my back on them in their time of need. You should look in the mirror and know shame.

  2.  by  Pikachu

    Your friend opened their heart to you and you smashed it. She deserves a better friend and support person.

  3.  by  Jess

    well…maybe she does…? I say if she does and you brought it to her attention in a way that may help her then, kudos to you! people reveal secrets for acceptance and guidance in something they feel is taboo or possibly out of their realm of understanding. perhaps she was lost in her secret seeking help? didnt know what to do, where to go, or what the issue was. Being gay is not a mental health disorder. something like…anorexia…cutting…suicidal thoughts…and other things as such. mental health disorders…pass no judgment as she didnt with you. just be there for her and support.

  4.  by  onlooker

    The two are not comparable. Some secrets are dangerous and need to be dealth with with honesty and action, like (i imagine) your friend’s. Yours was a secret that simply needed assurance. Theirs could have been something much more dangerous and I am confident that you did the right thing. Don’t beat yourself up, help comes in many forms.

  5.  by  ciera

    Hey! you people don’t know what her friend’s secret was! Maybe she DID have mental health issues and needed to get help. Calm your shit.

  6.  by  yuuup

    @ciera yes but jumping the gun for mental health issues is super super common, so chill yourself as well.

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