I’m tired of being told what I can and cannot say

I'm tired of being told what I can and cannot say

I’m tired of being told what I can and cannot say

By these hypocrites who preach “political correctness”

who would call me a cracker.

without a second thought or any repercussions.

8 Comments on “I’m tired of being told what I can and cannot say

  1.  by  Mona

    I have been the victim of a crime 3 times in 6 months. I am mixed but look white, all 3 crimes were committed by black men. I dont want to feel this way,I fear, Im becoming a racist.

  2.  by  cajean

    lol! you’re offended by the word cracker? you tool.

  3.  by  Voice of Reason

    Political Correctness is futile if the intent behind ones words is malicious. Those who would call you anything outside of your given name aren’t the ones who want peace and prosperity for all equally. The ones who would call you a cracker aren’t the ones interested in permanently eliminating racism and bigotry.

    It may be that you resent this notion because it isn’t in your heart to treat others in a fashion conducive to political correctness.

    The Real principal behind political correctness comes from the heart; not from words. It comes from knowing that everyone deserves respect and civility; irrespective of gender, color, creed, or nationality.

    By the way, I am a black man.

  4.  by  Jenn

    I feel exactly the same way. This double standard is one of the things really making me hate the world I live in.

  5.  by  Anon

    an eye for an eye…well you know the rest. there’s more to it than political correctness, it’s a matter of respecting other people.

  6.  by  onlooker

    How about instead of being angry for not being able to say certain degrading things to others, simply don’t say degrading things to others. Then more people will realize that they shouldn’t say degrading things back.

  7.  by  anon

    People are not angry about not being able to say degrading things to minority groups, they are angry because political correctness seems to flow only one way. A young black man recently called me a stupid white slut because I had the audacity to ask him to please remove his elbow from my ribs whilst seated on a train in London. No one said a word. Had I even used the word ‘black’ I would have had 50 commuters (of all ethnicities) yelling RACISM!!! That is why we are angry.

    I was born in one of the most racist regimes in recent history, 1970’s South Africa, and I chose not to be a racist despite the social pressure to conform. I chose not to judge someone based on their skin colour. I know hundreds of different derogatory terms for various ethnic minorities and I have never used one against another person.
    How come I can’t be afforded the same courtesy?
    Why am I a white bitch when I stand up to a black or asian person behaving badly? Because my daddys daddys daddys daddy wasn’t a slave? Because they use their colour as a shield?.. or because they are more aware of the difference in our skin colours that I am?

    I know that some truly awful things happened in the past but it’s over now. It’s time to forget (Ask Nelson Mandela) and it’s time to forgive.

    Sadly, I feel that forgiveness is still a long way off. Until the people who are so filled with hatred on their ancestors behalf choose to become a part of society and stop raging against it, all they are doing is providing ammunition for those who would use it against them.

    I still maintain that race does not define a person, but honestly, it’s becoming harder every day.

  8.  by  joe

    You inadvertantly bring up a good point, cracker. racisim is a two sided coin. the word cracker dies when the word nigger dies, when the word spic dies, when the word chink dies. Do your part, become correct to come correct.

    PS Im so white i get second degree sunburns.

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