I’m 23 and never been kissed.

I'm 23 and never been kissed.

I’m 23 and never been kissed.

I’m 23 and never had a date.

I’m 23 and nobody cares.

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  1.  by  I Care

    I’m 34 and my soulmate hates how many men have kissed me.

    I’m 34 and he despises the dates I had before we met and were married & now wants to leave me forever for things beyond my control.

    I’m 34 and I CARE.
    Really, really, darlin.
    Chin up 🙂

  2.  by  MR

    I’m 20 and I WISH I could say this. I wish I have never been kissed or had a date.

    its not as bad as you think, people care. I care.

  3.  by  A Friend

    I’m 20, and being pretty much in the same situation. I’m lucky to say it doesn’t bother me, but I can understand how you feel because it used to.
    I care, and it doesn’t make you any less of an interesting person, soon you’re going to find someone who cares for you as well.
    Trust me :).

  4.  by  Me

    I just turned 25 and have never been kissed. I’m actually not that sad about it, but I don’t like to tell other people because they judge me.

    It will happen when it happens.

  5.  by  SAME

    I’m in the same boat! I’m going to be 23 this year and am not closer to going on a date or finding someone special. It’s scary, but we need to stay positive that it will happen 🙂

  6.  by  Some Angel

    I am twenty, and I have never been kissed, have never been on a real date, and when I was a bit younger, I was CONVINCED that no one cared. I found that I was completely incorrect in thinking and feeling that. Some day, you WILL be able to feel a person you love’s lips pressed against your own. Some day, you shall get to hold hands over a candle lit supper. And one day, you shall realize that the people around you, some you may have never even spoken to, care and would instantly notice if you disappeared or felt blue.

    Just think of yourself as being the female main character in Never Been Kissed. Take the lead! You can make your own romantic tale! Not many have our luck of never having kissed anyone, even in childhood. We never played Doctor with the boys next door, never played Spin the Bottle at birthday parties, never played Seven Minutes in Heaven. We are special, dear. You are amazing, and I care about you.

  7.  by  Elly

    I”m 29 and went on my first date last fall.
    I’m 29 and still looking for that special someone
    I’m 29 and still a virgin.

    But I’m not giving up on finding the person to spend my life with.
    You shouldn’t either.

  8.  by  CharlieB

    im 23 and never had a relationship
    Im 23 and still wonder what it means to truly be loved

  9.  by  Anon

    I’m 21 and also in the same situation…people bring up boys and i just feel like I can’t be loved or experience love. they think i’m a lesbian or something but i think i may be asexual.

  10.  by  been there

    when I was 20 I had never been kissed or on a date. I thought there is no way anyone would want me and was convinced I was going to be alone forever. Now I’m 24 and I just got married to a wonderful man who loves that I waited and was able to experience everything for the first time with him.

  11.  by  Jason

    Im 26 and I wish I could find a girl who could say the things you just said.
    It makes me happy that girls like you still exist!

    I am begging you to keep it up until the right man comes around. You are truly a special person!

  12.  by  damaged

    I’m 18 and have kissed/slept so many people and been on so many meaningless dates that make me wonder if at 23 anyone will be open to loving me.

  13.  by  damaged

    I’m 18 and have kissed/slept…and dated meaningless people that make me wonder if by 23 anyone would be open to loving me.

  14.  by  ...

    I’m 32 and I’ve never been in a relationship.

    I’ve never had sex with someone that loved me.

    And I never will.

  15.  by  Nightingale

    You’re not alone my dear.

    I’ve just turned 21 and like you, I have never been kissed and I have never been on a date. I’ve never been able to find the courage to tell someone I liked how I felt about them, and I have trouble believing someone could like or even love me because I’ve never really had anyone show interest in me before.

    I know how you must feel… it’s painfully lonely, and it hurts. You try to live each day, relating to friends and peers as best as you can, but it gets hard to swallow the pain down the older you get.

    But seeing people post similar stories in the comments here gives me hope. Knowing someone like you – someone I can relate to – exists in the world.. I don’t feel so alone.
    So remember this: no matter how hopeless you may feel, or how dark it may seem, you are not alone.

    Let’s keep moving forward and hoping for our happy endings together.

  16.  by  Me

    I may not be 23 yet, and still in highschool, but i feel the same way. I’ve never been kissed, or even on a date, and meanwhile all my friends talk about is how they have. I try to relate but sometimes it’s just too hard because I’ve never been loved. No one’s even tried to come after me, not even just for sex. So I bury myself in my work so that I don’t have to face feeling lonely. I get busy and get distracted and try to forget. But I don’t think I’m ugly, and I see people everyday who don’t have that great of a personality and don’t have looks either who find someone they love who loves them too. It makes me wonder if there is something wrong with me. But I feel comforted in knowing I’m not alone out there- so thank you for that.

  17.  by  Kbook

    I am 35 and never been kissed or even had a date. I feel like a total weirdo and that there isn’t anyone else out there like me.

  18.  by  imheretoo

    I’m 18, and am the only girl i know my age that has never been kissed. I get nervous because i know people think its because no-one is attracted to me, but the truth is that i have turned down every guy that has tried to kiss me, because it was either bad timing, or i have felt not good enough. i want to wait for the right time, and when it does happen i want to be glad that i waited… we have what many people wish they saved for the person they loved, and should be proud of that! So smile, and make the most of it!

  19.  by  Reb

    Im 23,
    Ive had a boyfriend when i was younger,
    But i havent had a proper real kiss, my first kiss was stolen
    i have never been on any dates…
    atleast im not the only one
    chin up sweetie.

  20.  by  Kathy Parkson

    I realise I’m the youngest commenter here.

    I’m 16 and never been kissed.
    I’m 16 and have never been on a date.
    But I’m 16 and I can’t imagine being happier.

    I’ve never done anything like that with anyone, but you know what? I’m happy in myself. The moment I start judging my happiness by people who have kissed me, or slept with me, or done whatever the heck else girls my age are doing, is the day that I’ll never be truly happy.
    Be proud that you’ve made it this far in life without becoming one of those people who have a new love interest on Monday, have sex with them on Tuesday and break it off on Wednesday morning. Because when that special person comes along (and they will!), it’ll just be all that more special 🙂

  21.  by  moi

    i was 17 when i had my first kiss- i was so drunk i vomited afterwards. Im sorta ashamed that i kissed him (he was a complete asshole who i only discovered was on a rape charge afterwards) and i worry continually that im these men only go for me because im drunk rather than me having any attractive features but when im asked i tell people i had my first kiss at 15.. i dont think many of them believe me. i wish i was less ashamed.. i dont know if this youll ever read it, and im pretty damn sure its not helpful, its the weird shit that comes out of my keyboard at 1 in the morning, but i do care, and despite the uselessness of someone across the internet caring, i hope to god that you find whatever form of happiness you want, and, if it makes you feel any better, i find that people who are single for longer and didnt spend their teenage years going with anyone they could are always more interesting- i hope you find someone and i will think about you- you may feel that no one cares, but so many people do, its just hard to tell when they dont tell you what they think

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