I told you I had an abortion. I lied.

I told you I had an abortion. I lied.

I told you I had an abortion. I lied.

I was never pregnant–
I just wanted your attention.

I’ve never told you the truth to this day.

And now that years have past,
I am scared I can’t have children with my husband.

4 Comments on “I told you I had an abortion. I lied.

  1.  by  Miranda

    i did the same thing, and i i’m scared that if I marry him.. and want kids.. that he will find out and hate me.

  2.  by  onlooker

    If you have to fake a pregnancy to keep a relationship then that relationship is based on lies. Tell him the truth and let him decide if you deserve his love anymore.

  3.  by  Nevaeh

    It hurts my heart but at the same time makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only person out there who has done this. I am ashamed about what I did and if I could turn back the day I never would’ve done it. But whats done is done. I can only move on and pray the all the people I hurt will forgive me. For me I would love to be able to come clean but its the shame and the guilt that i’m afraid of. I never meant for it to get as out of control as it did. Now i feel my life is one big lie and im not capable of being trusted. I know you will be ok. Just know you are not alone and be happy and live life to the fullest. Put this behind you as a past that you will get past.

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