I thought I would be DEAD by 14.

I thought I would be DEAD by 14.

I thought I would be DEAD by 14.
I was put in foster care when I was 13. I lied to EVERYONE saying you never laid a hand on us.
I did it to be the ‘better’ daughter.
I called my sister a LIAR, and made myself hate her for calling the cops on you;
for splitting up our family.
It made us close. For once I felt like I had a Dad; one that I wasn’t afraid of.
No one knows the truth… I think maybe you even believe that I believe the lie.

You were murdered when I was 19.
A man beat you until your heart stopped.
The same way I thought I was going to die…

I miss you so much, Daddy.

I’m not too sure if I will ever forgive you, but I know I still need you.

4 Comments on “I thought I would be DEAD by 14.

  1.  by  Jennifer

    Its strange how the bonds we form, good and bad, can influence us and our decisions. You don’t need an abusive man in your life. You have the stregnth within you to overcome violent cycles and get the love you deserve. You just need courage and faith.

  2.  by  A

    You did nothing wrong, you tryed to protect the people you love, and hurt someone by mistake appoligies a make it right with your sister it’s hard but so worth it. She of all people can help u over come this! Y

  3.  by  Dont tell Anyone

    I hope you and your sister can make amends

  4.  by  Marcy Ross

    It’s never wrong to love or miss someone, whatever the PC binary thinking crowd says. I hope you and your sister can heal and be there for each other.

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