I recently moved to another county, 1000 miles from my old friends and family…

I recently moved to another county, 1000 miles from my old friends and family...

I recently moved to another county, 1000 miles from my old friends and family…

Ive never been happier.

15 Comments on “I recently moved to another county, 1000 miles from my old friends and family…

  1.  by  Jessica

    I did the exact same thing 🙂

  2.  by  Courtney

    I think about leaving every day

  3.  by  amy

    I did it too. Then they followed me 🙁

  4.  by  Mason

    Did the same thing and it was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I ever made for myself. I’m proud of my time spent living abroad — it truly shaped me and defines my character today.

  5.  by  Trin

    I wish I was brave enough to do exactly this!

  6.  by  Chris

    I want to do the same thing, but I wants wife to come with me because SHE wants too, not just to follow me.

  7.  by  ...

    I did the same thing. I lived in Asia for 8 years by myself. I can’t be around my family for more than 2 months without sincerely wanting to kill them all.

  8.  by  Lisa

    I’m 42. I have 3 beautiful children 20…17..15..and an amazing husband….. I am not happy.. I want to move to London and experience life by myself for awhile… I feel so selfish and like a bad mom… I love my family.

  9.  by  Chris

    Lisa, you’re not selfish at all. I think it more of not being happy with what or who we are because of the knowledge we could be better. Thats not selfish. I’m 47. I have three beautiful kids, 28, 25, and 21. I’ve been married 30 years, and started dating my wife in 10th grade. I love my wife and kids more than anything. I did’nt articulate it very well with all the typos, but that was my point. I want to go experience new asspects of life and be someone different. I would want my wife with me only if she wanted to be someone different, with me. I would not want her to go if she did not embrace the purpose for leaving.

    How wonderful and exciting and liberating it would be to make a complete paradigm shift in how we live and experience life than to do it with the one you love.

  10.  by  JMK

    I did the exact same thing for three years and this year I am going back. I think it was the best decisions I have ever made. It brought me closer to all my friends and family.

  11.  by  Andy

    I think about it everyday, ever since I came back from studying abroad I look for the way of going away and never have to come back. Good that you did it 🙂

  12.  by  moogoo

    @amy I feel the same way… whats worse is everytime I mention a city name out loud, they start traveling there regularly when they never had before and talk about moving there too … Case in point, I’ve never been the type to be about exposing my absolute number one interests and I wont even fill out a dumb questionnaire or answer a stranger honestly anymore,…. I never reveal my true desires anymore cause I slowly watch them get chalked up to hell and dust… Also, I’m from a big fancy metro (not ny but close) plenty of the people I want to escape are prestigious and travel regularly. I’m also middle eastern and am sheepish about traveling cause no matter what, I know how I’ll always be regarded no matter where I go.. I’m constantly trying to pick somewhere, where acceptance comes easy… and judgement is unheard of..

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