I miss her

I miss her

I miss her so much more than i’m letting people believe…

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  1.  by  Amanda

    You can tell a lot about someone based on how they treat their animals. You’ve got a good heart. :] Some of my best friends are tiny and furry, too. She’s beautiful and I’m sure she was very happy.

  2.  by  MLP

    ‘A message from the Bridge’

    I would know your voice if I slept a thousand years …. the sound of it would wrestle down the greatest of my fears

    I would know your voice over waterfalls of pain I would travel days on end to see you once again

    But I have crossed and you are left to wait for that bright day when I see you coming home … we’ll run, we’ll sit .. we’ll play

    It will seem like seconds passed since last you hugged me tight Sleep sweet, my master I will wait. Sleep sweet in Rainbow’s light.

    by ingrid trinka, 2012

  3.  by  Laura

    Feel the same way, and I’m not getting past it.

  4.  by  Marzipans11

    I miss my kitty still too. It’s been 2 and a half years since she died… but I had over twenty years with her. She defined my childhood, and although I love my new pets she simply cannot be replaced.

  5.  by  Kirsten

    I can relate to you 100% and this made me cry. I lost my best friend of 19 years about 6 months ago, about a week before that my mother passed away too. I feel bad for saying it but I miss my cat Oliver more than I miss my mother. He was so loving and so loyal and his unconditional love for me made me a better person, there will never be another like him. The Rainbow Bridge is a place that can help people who are grieving, maybe it can help you too.

  6.  by  dreaminrewind

    I know, sweetie. Me too.

  7.  by  Travis

    I’m a grown man, and my 18 year lab died 10 years ago and I still cry about it on occassion. Best friend I’ve ever had, and to be honest looking at old photos just tears me up sometimes.

  8.  by  IndigoGirl

    I’ve never really been a ‘cat person’, so I was surprised when I started crying at this. Even more surprised when I realised that I miss her too, even though I never met her.

  9.  by  Pikachu

    I had to give up my cats to make a safer space for my upcoming baby and as much as it makes it easier and safer I tear up when I see their pictures even though I know they’re in a safe home

  10.  by  2067

    I just cried seeing this picture. And i think i will probably cry for the rest of the night because i miss my cat so much, I grew up with her and in fact she was 7 years older than me… After all its only been a year since she died.

  11.  by  lala

    It’s been a year since I lost my baby too. I wish I didn’t feel so silly talking about how much I still miss him. When a cat is your best friend and sees you through a hard time in life, you really learn to love him.

  12.  by  Mary

    My mom is a strong woman she loves my dad, sister and me. But she fell in a depression for two years when we lost our cat. It is so hard to loose a pet.

  13.  by  AC

    I get exactly what you mean 🙁
    It’s even harder when no one understands how heartbreaking it is, but we are lucky to have loved an animal that much <3
    Some people really don't realise it can be just as bad as losing a 'human' or even worse 🙁

  14.  by  jus me

    I understand completely! My cat was born the day I went to school for the first time and died the weekend after I got my diploma. My family had been worried because they were planning on doing alot of traveling as soon as I got into college, and who would have taken care of my cat? (I dont think it would have been fair to take her with me to another town and a single room appartment – after having lived in a big house with a big garden.. We kind of ignored that problem, hoping one day to find a magical answer to it.. well, she found it herself and helped us in her own way. Even though I miss her like crazy (its been 2 1/2 years) and still dream about her at least once a week…
    Im tearing up right now omg… 🙁

  15.  by  emily

    I’m sorry for your loss. I gave my Appa up for my marriage and now that’s falling apart and I just want her back but I could never bother her new family.

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