I love you so much..

I love you so much..

I love you so much that’s why I’m afraid my depression will scare you off.

12 Comments on “I love you so much..

  1.  by  Anna

    I can relate to this one, deeply. You are definitely not alone.

  2.  by  shelley

    I feel this way about everyone close to me.

  3.  by  Jess

    i’m here too, same exact feelings…

  4.  by  A Friend

    No one really knows my problems, because I too am afraid they wouldn’t be able to cope with the baggage.

  5.  by  Rin

    Seeing this written was so comforting. It reminded me that I’m not the only one out there. I used to always feel this way. I am engaged to the love of my life now and feel much better, but some days – I still feel this way. Thank you for writing this secret.

  6.  by  ciera

    Tell him this. I have been repeatedly astounded by how well my boyfriend responds when I talk about this. I’m starting to believe, unbelievable as it is, that he really can handle it. He’s amazing. Your loved ones might surprise you, too.

  7.  by  rose

    I do not let my boyfriend know how bad my depression is. When I am with him I hide it well. When I am alone I think of ways to die.

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