I aborted my baby….

I aborted my baby....

I aborted my baby….

and I think I did the right thing.

and I think I regret it.

8 Comments on “I aborted my baby….

  1.  by  Some Angel

    You might always have that regret and guilt in your soul, for aborting your baby. But, you were also doing what was best for your baby at the same time. You were not fit to be a mother at that time, so if you were to have had it…Who knows how your child would have suffered? I am not pro nor against abortion. I truly believe that I have no say in that matter. But I believe that, in your case, you did the right thing, even if you shall keep regretting it for the rest of your life. You saved your child from your inexperience at the time, pain, and the suffering of feeling that his or her mother would have expressed when holding him or her, knowing that she had thought of aborting.

  2.  by  Pikachu

    I always think of it as the first parental decision I’ve ever made – making the best decision for someone else. Now I’m about to have a baby with my husband and I’m ready to continue my parenting role. So remember that it’s only decision of many you’ll make and that you’re doing it in the best interest of them.

  3.  by  liz

    I feel the same way. I know it was for the best, but my husband makes me feel so guilty about it.

  4.  by  ...

    I did it twice and I don’t regret either time. I do regret sleeping with that jackass.

  5.  by  ks

    its so easy to be pro choice when your not the one being killed 🙁 its makes me so sad seeing how abortion is uses as a birth control

  6.  by  Forgiveness takes Truth

    Redemption and Forgiveness can only begin with truth.
    1. A baby was killed, when it could have been put up for adoption instead.
    If you want peace then that is the truth you must begin with.

  7.  by  Kate

    No woman should EVER be forced to have a baby for ANY reason. You did the right thing.

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