After 3 years you still haven’t’ noticed.

After 3 years you still haven't' noticed.

After 3 years you still haven’t noticed.

I’m glad I don’t scar easily.

7 Comments on “After 3 years you still haven’t’ noticed.

  1.  by  me

    Sometimes, i wish he would notice the scars on my wrist so he would know I’m not ok…

  2.  by  asdfjkl

    “Made in USA, really?” Everybody knows, everything is made in China!

  3.  by  AlmostClean

    I know it sucks. Whatever is causing you to feel that way. But I guarantee you that once this is all over (because it will be over, someday) you’ll be working hard to get rid of those scars. I hope you become happy one day. And i have to recommend… TELL THEM. Good luck, I wish you the best x

  4.  by  Leanne

    Yep, because it would be normal for your parents to demand to see you naked or get in the shower with you. Or, you could bypass the passive aggressive aspect and tell them that you’re hurting emotionally and physically. (And if you’re an adult talking about a lover, it’s your responsibility to get help for your pain. Even the pain you inflict on yourself.)

  5.  by  Leanne

    That came off sounding really sarcastic. I didn’t mean it too. Reading it back made me wince. Sorry about that

  6.  by  Sara quilty

    For two years I wished he had looked and seen……. Now I wish i never gave him those scars.

  7.  by  Bg

    I don’t care anymore I lost everything.
    They beat me down till I lost myself until it was to late. I have tried several times and failed miserably. I have nothing to hold on to and no one knows that I’m ready to go. I want to disapear.

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