You make me feel so horrible about myself.

You make me feel so horrible about myself.

You make me feel so horrible about myself.

I can’t think about you without feeling sick and worthless.

I wish I’d have the guts to tell you that I think we shouldn’t be “friends” anymore.

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  1.  by  dean

    You deserve to be surrounded by people who love and genuinely care about you. Goodluck 🙂

  2.  by  Jennifer

    If she treats you so badly, why are you so afraid of hurting her? If she really cares for you and wants what’s best, then she’ll see that she’s no good for you and let you go. And if she doesn’t care for you, then you should let her go. Either way, poison friendships kill more than good times.

  3.  by  dreaminrewind

    Walk away. Surround yourself with people who make you smile. It was hard for me, too, but the weight of the world fell off of my shoulders when I was free of it all. You can do this. You are worth it.

  4.  by  Elly

    I have a similar friendship and I am stuggling to find the courage to end it. She’s been my “friend” for so long and now my ONLY friend, it’s hard to end it.
    I’m sending all my positive energy your way to give you strength.
    I’ll try to be strong too.

  5.  by  Chrispy

    You don’t have to tell her. Just stop contacting her, and ignore her contacting you. If you stick to your guns, she’ll get the message. If she confronts you and demands an explanation, tell her the truth. Part of the reason you feel rotten when you think of her “friendship,” is because of all the lying you’re doing. The truth is as much for your benefit, as for hers.

  6.  by  Millie

    After 10 years and after she began attacking my child, I finally let go a toxic relationship with my sister. I feel sad that I had to do it, but at peace that I don’t have to deal with that negativity, ever again. Be strong! No one has the right to hurt you!

  7.  by  misty

    i have a parent who have been verbally abusive to me all of my childhood. and most of my adult life.for thoose who say walk away, it is not that easy to. your self confendince and self esteam is really low. you don’t beilive that you can. basicly the one who messes with you has total control over you. fear and mind games are their main tools and they are not easy to over come.i am 28 n i still living with the parent cause of all of the sh** they give out and my family and goverment ignoring me/ my NEEDS. they just brush me aside and make me feel even worse. like all of this is my fualt.i made a new years relvaltion last year whiotch i did not meet and this one which i am trying really hard to meet,.the person that messing have so much power over you. it is not fun. and they will not giove up that power without a fight trust me. so to the person that wrote this post secrt, i am know how you feel, it akes time,.take 5-10-15-30 mins each day.what ever is best for you and say ___________(isert your friends name) and i forgive you over and over and over again. at first it would not make sense’it will feel like a lie, your mind will say something like that is b.s i will never forgive you. but there will come a time where you will forgive them. trust me

  8.  by  Jenn

    To the author and Misty: Do not let these people control you. Yes, it is increadably hard to say enough is enough and walk away, but you are both allowing them to have the power and control. It is a choice you are both making to allow this inhumnity to continue. Foregiveness does not mean you have to allow it to continue. You can forgive a person and still refuse to let them hurt you further. The abusers are the reason you feel so worthless. If you remove yourselves from the situation, and stick to it, they cannot keep you in positions of subservence. It takes strength and firmness of resolve to kick an addiction- and feeding off this kinds of self-destructive energy is an addiction. Seek out people or groups who can give you back your power if you have too. Don’t let these scumbags destroy who you are. There is another way. I promise. In the end, all the hardship to break free is worth it. I know.

  9.  by  Ellie

    There are people who just don’t belong in your life.
    You may love them, and you may hope with all your heart that they will change for you and they will reciprocate what you’re giving to them. But they won’t. And that’s when you have to cut all ties even if it hurts like hell. Keeping them in your life will only make you feel rejected, disappointed and undeserving everytime you interact with them.
    Be brave! Put yourself and your needs first! Forgiveness will come with time. And you’ll look back with greater understanding and a lot of selfworth that will reasure you that you made the right decision.
    Good luck!

  10.  by  Pat

    It took me a long time to learn no one can “make” me feel a certain way. I decide how I feel. It is still a struggle, with every comment, every “suggestion”, every “just wanted to help”.

    God luck and keep trying.

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