Sometimes I think it would just be better…if I just ended it all.

Sometimes I think it would just be better...if I just ended it all.

Sometimes I think it would just be better…

If I just ended it all.

12 Comments on “Sometimes I think it would just be better…if I just ended it all.

  1.  by  AninOnin

    Please, don’t. I lost a friend over the weekend who decided suicide was the only way out. He felt he had no one to turn to.

    That room was full of people, and full of tears. Please, find someone to talk to.

  2.  by  Kirsten

    I agree, please find help. I lost a dear friend to suicide nearly a year ago, I am still having a hard time understanding why she did not talk to me about everything she was feeling. Talk to someone, you would be surprised how many of us want to listen, be there and help.

  3.  by  Eli

    Don´t think like that! there is always another way!

  4.  by  A Friend

    I’ve been there, when you feel like no one understands you and no one cares and you get tired of fighting. But please, just do what I did and find someone to talk to, you’d be surprised how many people will be happy to help you in such tough times.

  5.  by  Hikari

    There’s always a way if you find the light within yourself (nothing religious affiliated)
    I’ve found it and well, I’ve never been happier(:

  6.  by  reasonable

    Just do it. You will look back in x amount of years after so much pain and ask yourself… why didnt I just have the courage to end it back before all this pain? I know this. I tried numerous times to die. Now I feel like my punishment is living.

  7.  by  Friend

    @reasonable, are you telling her she should just kill himself? what a horrible human being, just because you feel that way about yourself, doesn’t mean you should make someone else feel the same. you don’t understand the concept of words on the internet, what if someone extremely depressed sees your message and kills herself because she thinks that is the only way they’ll feel better, you don’t ever suggest death to someone as a solution to a problem!!! BECAUSE LIFE IS REALLY WONDERFUL once you get over the difficulties in life, and everyone will need to do some of that, no matter if it’s a lot or a little.
    I know, because i’ve been through it all, even though life is hard for me still, i’m learning to deal with everything and the people who loves me and the people i love, are what keep me alive, just think that if you died, the world will become a little less amazing! Please live!

  8.  by  Chrispy

    Ask for God to show you the reasons for living. Be earnest and sincere in your request. He will not let you down.

  9.  by  myblfs

    Everyone has the right to decide whether they live or not. It’s the writer’s choice. You don’t know what their life might be like.

  10.  by  M

    Thanks for your support. Seeing the messages on here really helps me when I feel like there is no where else to turn. You won’t ever know how much you have done for me. <3

  11.  by  Cake

    I’ve sent a prayer your way dear writer. Whether you’re in need of it or not. Just remember, if you go, you’ll miss all of the cool little natural wonders of the world and our universe, like shooting stars. x

  12.  by  mailman

    Sometimes the only way IS up.Goodluck.

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