4 thoughts on “My life is perfect and I hate it..”

  1. If you hate your life, it is probably not perfect. Perhaps you are living based on other people’s idea of “perfect”. What do you really want? Be who you are! Follow your own passion even if you are ostracized. If you don’t, you will certainly regret it in the future. Happiness is rather important in a “perfect” life and you don’t sound too happy.

  2. I can definitely relate…I have often felt the exact same way its a very confusing and guilty feeling to have. I often feel bad for feeling that way knowing it could be worse and others would kill for such a good life. But all in all its about perception, but know nothings perfect

  3. roadtrip!! I’m serious, if your life is perfect you should have enough funds to go do something stupid and meet awesome new people. Wish I was with you so I could show you the way 😀

  4. To be fair, if you’re life is perfect, and you hate it, you don’t just seem ungrateful; you are ungrateful. Gratitude is the best feeling. It is both the result of and a precondition to joy. I encourage you and Silver # to foster the feeling of gratitude by giving generously of your time, labor, and wealth to those who will be be grateful for it. Happiness and gratitude will be multiplied.

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