More than ANYTHING I want desperately to have a body like this.

More than ANYTHING I want desperately to have a body like this.

More than ANYTHING I want desperately to have a body like this.

7 Comments on “More than ANYTHING I want desperately to have a body like this.

  1.  by  sam

    I have a friend who has the exact same problem. She dances and excercise constantly, but has an unhealthy relationship with eating… I’ve tried so hard to help her, support her, etc but we all are still working on it. Best of luck, there are people like me who love you for you!

  2.  by  Chrispy

    Crawl back into your mother’s womb, and ask her to try again…….or do the best with what you’ve got. Those are your only choices, and the first one is completely ridiculous.

  3.  by  PA Mary

    I used to have a lot of body issues and they still sneak up on me around that time of the month although I think the latter is normal. What I found is that once I moved out of my mom’s house which was a huge source of stress and unhappiness, I didn’t care so much. The happier you are, the less you think about your appearance. Figure out what will help you do that.

  4.  by  j

    your appearance should never cause anyone this much distress, you are who you are. yeah, it sucks that here we are filled with images and thoughts by the media of who we should be, and how we should look – but that is unrealistic. we all have our own body types, for some of us it is not even possible for us to have this body. find peace with who you are.

  5.  by  avalon77

    I used to see how many days I could go without eating… I was obsessed with how I looked. Although I was super skinny, I wasn’t happy. Its a vicious cycle and you never win — you’ll only want to be skinnier and prettier. You only win when you’re happy with who you are on the inside. And once you’re happy with that, people will love you for the right reasons.

  6.  by  Amelia

    To be honest, I don’t understand why we all feel like we need to fit in to the world’s view of perfection (perfect hair, perfect body, perfect face): the quest for this “perfection” only ever ends up getting people hurt. People lose their personality by dying their hair bleached blonde, and it comes back to bite them later when they suffer from dry hair and split ends. People cover their face with make-up because they think it makes them look pretty to those around them, but the moment the make-up comes off, their own friends don’t recognise them. And in the quest for the “perfect body”, people completely reduce their own self-worth. If you want the body for yourself, you should relax and smile. If it’s so that those around you will “like you more”, then forget them. If they can’t accept you for the wonderful, perfect person that you already are, they don’t deserve you. Keep smiling 🙂

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