I’m still terrified there are monsters under my bed

I'm still terrified there are monsters under my bed

I’m still terrified there are monsters under my bed (I’m 19)

6 Comments on “I’m still terrified there are monsters under my bed

  1.  by  Jade

    Don’t Worry. I am 20 years old and I check my closet and under my bed every night. I don’t have any posters or pictures up on any walls, I make sure all my toys and stuffed animals are in a separate locked room and right before I go to sleep I make sure all the doors are closed…just in case.

  2.  by  On-Call Wingman

    Yeah I’m nearly 21 and I still can’t stand next to a bed when the lights are off, otherwise Gollum is going to grab my ankle and drag me under and skin me. I was kinda traumatized by the Lord of the Rings cartoon as a kid…

  3.  by  AnthroGirl

    I’m 25 and still turn off the light and do the running leap into bed! Rationally, I know there’s nothing under my bed, but that “what if” fear still takes over. When I spend the night with my fiance, I force him to turn off the lights, so I can be in bed, with my feet safe! lol

  4.  by  AnthroGirl

    Quick add on to what I said: my fiance thinks its cute. The right person will love you for your quirks. Don’t feel bad because you have them, embrace them. They are what makes you, you!

  5.  by  Casey

    Scary movies…horrifying world we live in – It’s understandable.

  6.  by  Richard

    I’m 27, married with two wonderful little boys, some nights they get scared and ask me to make sure there are no monsters and I make a big deal of putting on my leather “monster buster” jacket and then set out to find any. The trick is I put on my jacket cause I carry a small knife, 3 inches, in each pocket, cause I’m so terrified I’ll run into a real monster and not be prepared to at least defend myself while my wife escapes with the kids.

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