I’m afraid I’ll never get married..

I'm afraid I'll never get married..

I’m afraid I’ll never get married because I will never have sex before marriage…

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  1.  by  Amy

    Are you religious? Your best bet would probably be to look at some Christian Dating services. Or some kind of Abstinence Dating service for people who are like-minded.

    I’m not going to lie, if you’re just dating randomly then it WILL be hard. Lots of women and men like to be sure that they’re sexually compatible before tying the knot, so to speak (for instance, I once dated a guy who I liked A LOT, but we were just too incompatible in bed. We liked different things and were to set in our ways to change, and so the sex was just never great. We broke up amicably and moved on).

    Finding a random guy in this age who won’t mind waiting until marriage isn’t going to be easy, I’m not going to lie. But he’s definitely out there, OP. Don’t give up. 🙂

    I seriously recommend the christian/abstinence dating services, by the way.

  2.  by  MidnightMagic

    Someone who loves you will go at your pace. End story.

  3.  by  garciachica94

    No, worries girlie. Don’t take that as an disadvantage to getting married believe me thier are alot of cute guy out there that believe in abstinence because it’s important for them to wait and have sex when thier married too, i konw because im dating one. All i can say is if a guy respects that about then he won’t pressure you, ever. (:

  4.  by  Reina

    @MidnightMagic- Well that’s totally unhelpful advice. You could easily flip the situation around and say that if the OP loved her guy enough they’d have sex before marriage, if such a thing was important to him. What OP needs to do is be upfront about her desire for pre-marital abstinence from the start so no one will be disappointed. She needs to find guys who share similar ideals. Sex, to me, is important, and if a guy asked me to wait until marriage, which IMO is a HUGE thing, there’s a possibility I wouldn’t be able to do that for him. I’d have only ever considered such a thing if I was DEEPLY in love with someone and could see myself marrying him (the only person i ever saw myself marrying is my wonderful hubby, and that was only after dating for 4 years). Otherwise, it’d make me nervous.
    There’s nothing wrong with wanting sex before marriage, the same way there’s nothing wrong with NOT wanting sex before marriage. Both sides just need to find someone who share the same ideals and desires. 🙂

  5.  by  zavala terry

    fornication i am all for it but i don’t think i will ever do it i want to so bad but now its all fucked up for me , girls and my fantacy. i dont think i will ever be anyone elses husband so no sex for you until this life is over

  6.  by  KasiLou

    I refused to have sex before marriage and I’m not married to the love of my life! The right person will wait with you!

  7.  by  AnthroGirl

    I don’t mind pre-marital sex, but go you for sticking to your guns! Be honest and up front with the person. Don’t let anyone pressure you. If you choose to have sex, allow it to be your choice! Married or not. You will find the right person. It may be hard in this era, but you will. Just look in places where people would hold your morals. If you go to church, attend more church functions. Dating sites work as well. Find whole some activities in the community where you can meet people. Don’t spend your life and time seeking someone, but do get out there!

  8.  by  Sarah

    My husband and I both waited until marriage. It can happen. Also, think, do you really want someone that you have to change your morals for? You can find a guy that loves you for waiting. I know that I did. 🙂

  9.  by  ney

    I am 22 and I had the same believe! I dated many guys but they were long term, and I never got pressured into sex I was very respected and they cared about me, BUT I knew they weren’t the one! Then 4 years and 2 months ago I met a guy who was someone I never fall for. We dated after talking for 3 months.. 3 days later we said “I LOVE YOU!” And on our 3 year anniversary he proposed! That was when I lost my virginity, no I didn’t wait until marriage but I did wait for the guy who I am going to marry! Our wedding is in 3 weeks! And he loves me unconditonaly and I thank him for waiting for me! <3 you will find someone who respects you!

  10.  by  Christine

    It is overrated. Enjoy the romance with a compatible partner of faith. There are more people out there like you than you think 😉

  11.  by  ac

    Am a really good looking guy Passionate, affectionate and caring. Love sex am good all the way around But not gifted of getting it I respect them as more then myself everyone thinks am doing this or that, But no am so lonely havent had sex in 7yrs Am coming to a point of my life Oh welll

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