19 thoughts on “I’m a straight guy, I have a girlfriend, I love womens boobs.”

  1. ctrl is absolutely right, and I really admire that you can acknowledge it to yourself. I’m curious though: Do you think the same might be true for other straight guys as well? Maybe its really not so uncommon after all. I might forward this post to Dan Savage & ask what he thinks.

  2. I’m not gay either I thought I was for awhile and even tried being with a girl, it didnt feel right at all and I really couldnt imagine having sex with her, but I can only watch lesbian porn to get off. Is that normal?

  3. Okay S&S, you asked for it: The Slutty Professor • Everybody Does Raymond • The Dicks of Hazzard • XXX-Men • Schindler’s Fist • Mr. Holland Groped Us • An Officer in a Gentleman • Bonin’ the Barbarian – Yes, these are all titles of real gay porn movies, I kid you not.

  4. I’m gay and sometimes like looking at women’s boobs. You should check out the Kinsley scale. Like 1% of people actually fall into 100% hetero or homo.

  5. This is a very perplexing idea. In all honesty, and respect, I don’t think you can call yourself straight. Nor do I feel like you can call yourself gay, bi, or even curious. Because your not curious. You know what you like. That’s not curious. The more complex thing about this is, your clearly not alone. This ios a common feeling within todays society. This generation is one of open acceptance to all ideas. You are just a product of your own surroundings and generation. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. oh, thank God you posted this. I’m a straight girl but I watch girl-girl porn exclusively. I thought I was some kind of freak until I read this secret and the comments following it.

  7. and to jordanthemagi- what would you call someone who has experienced sex with a person of the same gender more than once, didn’t like it either time, but still watches same-sex porn? ’cause…you know…if I’m not straight because of the porn I watch, but I don’t like ACTUAL sex with girls, what am I?

  8. Honey, I don’t know how old you are, but my guess is that you’re in your twenties. I was once, too. Oh… and I also once had a girlfriend I almost married, and I loved the boobies. Trouble is, I’ve always liked gay porn, too. In fact, boy-on-boy, man-on-man, man-on-boy, turned me on so much that I actually tried it…WAY more than once. Guess what? Boobies or no boobies, girlfriend or no girlfriend, I am 100% GAY. You couldn’t have told me that when I was in my twenties, though. Maybe the same is true for you, maybe not. All I’m saying is, don’t be surprised if you really, really, really like it, should you decide to try it. Good luck, sweetie.

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