I willingly had sex with my brother’s best friend..

I willingly had sex with my brother's best friend..

I WILLINGLY had sex with MY BROTHER’S BEST FRIEND on our couch while I knew he had a GIRLFRIEND but I pretend I didn’t and blame it all on him.

I hope she finds out someday that he is a cheater and leaves him. I don’t have the courage to tell her…I’m sorry.

6 Comments on “I willingly had sex with my brother’s best friend..

  1.  by  Meghan

    Your a home wrecker . I hate scum like you. If this was my boyfriend I would die.

  2.  by  naomi

    i didn’t know his girlfriend but I knew he had one. I found her on facebook but I have never been able to tell her. I think she would blame me. To her I’m sorry and to you – we all make mistakes.

  3.  by  Rose

    Well, HE still knew he had a girlfriend. And to be a homewrecker, I think there has to be a “home” involved, as in, a marriage or whatevs. You may not be entirely blameless, but he definitely deserves more blame than you, IMHO.

  4.  by  Anonymice

    Rose, for some people their loved ones are “home”.

    That was certainly the case with me. And when he cheated, I felt like my life had been ripped apart.
    It’s a horrible thing to do to someone, especially when you don’t now that person. OP had no idea how this guy’s girlfriend would react.
    What if she finds out, and kills herself?

    OP, submitter, secret-teller, however you wish to be referred to; you are the scum of this earth, as is the man you slept with. You both need to die. You disgust me.

  5.  by  Rose

    If she finds out and kills herself, she would have had more problems than the cheating boyfriend.
    And obviously this guy isn’t worth this girl’s time anyway. OP should tell her what happened if she’s still with him. She may be pissed (and rightly so) at OP, but she still deserves to know.
    And, Anonymice, saying someone needs to die is rather harsh. You’ve probably been burned in the past for a similar situation, and for that I’m sorry. But I promise you, you’re better off without someone who doesn’t care for you enough to be faithful.

  6.  by  Lori

    There is a reason this called Post Secret. You are supposed to be able to confess your secrets without being judged. The man who started this would be appalled that you are suggesting death as a means to solve a problem. Grow up and think like adults you drama loving adolescents. Life goes on! I say she screwed up, so what? Everyone does, unless you are perfect. While I doubt any of you are, you probably look at yourselves that way.

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