I will never see this again,

I will never see this again,

I will never see this again, I desperatly want to…

Yet my WHORE sister can abort 3 a YEAR!

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  1.  by  1389AD

    I have never been pregnant. I had some health conditions that made fertility unlikely. I married fairly late in life. My husband and I did not use birth control but, all the same, nothing happened. By now, I am much too old to get pregnant.

    I think I can understand how you feel.

  2.  by  Forever screwed

    Been there and still here.
    As a child I never wanted kids or a husband my family life was so screwed.
    The one time I got pregnant I was so happy and was going to keep it. Felt so positive for the first time but the father begged me an begged me not to ruin his life. I started to doubt myself and my ability to give this child everything she/he deserved.
    I gave in and had an abortion and during the procedure I knew in my gut that I would never get this chance again.i scared from the procedure and can’t carry to full term. I hate myself and him. FYI a month later he cheated and got a girl pregnant and she had a boy. He never begged her to end it. Felt betrayed an rejected. I feel like good luck chuck, every guy that breaks up with has a baby in his next relationship with someone older,darker skin than and darker hair. Totally opposite of me.i thought I did the right thing cuz we were young. Tried not to feel regret or hate. Everyone is having kids and getting pregnant and I envy them so much. I know Someone that keeps getting pregnant and aborting and I hate her so much. I do it once and I’m fucked for life. I’m pro choice that will never waver! All I want is a family cuz I know I can do it right but I threw away my only chance. No one knows the pain and thoughts unless you have done what we have done. To my child:I’m sorry I let you go baby, I screwed up please forgive me. I wanted better for you. I did what did out love for you and your father. I dream of you please don’t hate me

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