I was the smart one..

I was the smart one..

I was the smart one then I started in high school.

Now I am no one.

8 Comments on “I was the smart one..

  1.  by  Arthur Wilson

    Don’t give up, I’m in the same boat, I’m 51 as of tomorrow but I fill my life adopting rescue dogs. I have 4 wonderful ones that fill my life everyday. If dogs are not your forte~ then what about cats? Hang in there and hang tough! 😀

  2.  by  Mr.anonymous

    I feel you, at 10th grade I felt so dumb cause i could not understand math. However, just by accident i found a book on math and read. it explained everything clearly so i was the smart one again. also, i think you should not think about grades and being smart only. try to hang out with others and understand why they do what they’re doing. obviously, by others i meant people you haven’t been mixing with previously. it’ll broaden your horizons and will even help you with this problem.

  3.  by  Bobby

    These comments are beautiful. It makes me happy reading caring, helpful comments on the internet.

  4.  by  breakingheart

    There are so many different kinds of intelligence, so many even that are not measured by IQ tests or school systems. My grades were piss-poor…I practically flunk-out on IQ tests. But I think far deeper, more complex thoughts than anyone’s I’ve heard voiced for the most part, so far. I DON’T chit-chat because it is such a waste of breath. Why engage in small-talk when I could instead discuss important things, and get to know people better? Don’t say, I looove horses.” Tell me WHY you love horses, what you find so compelling, attractive, exciting, benevolent about them…Tell me what you think makes them so much so, or the reason(s) YOU believe are behind their intuition.

  5.  by  encino girl

    I think this person is crying out for help, recognition, validation…it’s not about her/his grades, it’s about acceptance.

  6.  by  Will

    I have an I.Q. of 153. I am considered genius, but I play dumb so people don’t expect a lot from me.

  7.  by  Will

    So don’t worry about what others think. Just be yourself.

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