I was raised as a strong Christian, but I now believe I’m an Athiest.

I was raised as a strong Christian, but I now believe I'm an Athiest.

I was raised as a strong Christian, but I now believe I’m an Athiest.

I can never tell my mother. I know she would never forgive me.

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  1.  by  Abs

    Well that wouldn’t be very Christian of her now would it?

  2.  by  E E

    I was raised in a Christian home. I’m agnostic and not really interested in church. Sometimes I pretend to go just to appease my parents. I wish I didn’t have to have this secret.

  3.  by  A.H.

    I know that feeling. i am a pastors daughter. My family will never know that i am an atheist.

  4.  by  c.lou

    what has made you change your mind….?

  5.  by  mark

    But if you’re from that strong of a Christian family then it would only make sense that they’d do what jesus would do, and that would be to grant forgiveness and understanding. After all, you got your gift of free will directly from God, so for them to deny God’s gift to you would be sinful and a direct slap to God’s face, right?

  6.  by  Jennifer

    I don’t think the issue is that she would never forgive you, but that she would never stop worrying about you and your soul and never stop wondering what she could have do or could do to change your mind. Give it a try, though. Maybe you’ll be suprised.

  7.  by  Born Again

    Everyone’s idea of belief and faith is different and comes from our experiences and our desires. Not from someone else’s distorted opinion. Don’t give up on faith because faith will never give up on you.

    Ask questions, be skeptical, and find answers. Science is the answer how, God is the reason why.

  8.  by  Chrispy

    You may have been raised in a Christian home, but you were never a Christian. That’s a personal decision you must make, and apparently, you never made it. God has no grandchildren.

  9.  by  MS

    Check out the movie Expelled. At the end, a prominent atheist author, Richard Dawkins, gets asked point blank: if not God, then how? HIs answer: an intelligent designer from somewhere else in the universe. My question- is it really easier to believe in aliens than God?

  10.  by  Ryssa

    Be proud of your decision. It isn’t your fault if she can’t accept it.

  11.  by  Pikachu

    I had the same fears, I told my mom when I was 15 that I didn’t believe in God and now finally, at 22, I shared with her that I felt like she could never love me fully because of her religion. You know what she did? She broke down crying saying that the love she has for me has no restrictions. Don’t be afraid to be honest you’ll always feel fulfilled.

  12.  by  ifeelyou

    I was the strongest Christian in my family, went to Bible College and everything. So much has changed. Now I am far closer to being Buddhist than anything else. I am not afraid that my parents won’t love me if I tell them, I am afraid because they will honestly believe that I am going to hell and try desperately to convert me back, and the difficulties that that would cause could tear my family apart.

  13.  by  ...

    Me too. I even went to a Christian university where I became an atheist. I could never tell my mother; it would kill her.

  14.  by  giscindy

    Watch Expelled if you want but keep in mind they had a definite agenda when they made it. There are support groups all over on line and in the real world for people who are atheists. The worst part is feeling like you are alone and no one understands. Trust me, it gets better. Your mother will worry about you going to hell more than anything. Find some support and you’ll find suggestions on how to handle your family situation. It helps a lot.

  15.  by  onlooker

    Be strong. You’ve done what many can’t do and have made up your own mind. That’s something to take pride in, and a mother should always love you no matter what. It may just be a shock for a while initially.

  16.  by  Hutch

    The day I told my mother I was atheist, she told me I was grounded. I reminded her that she had no control over my beliefs. For a decade she would say little comments about it or say she feared I’d go to hell. But if your patient, and learn to express your thoughts without hurting their belief, hopefully they will learn to understand your point of view. I’m 28 years old and its no longer an issue in my family. I told them when I was 15. So don’t expect acceptance right away. But its not for them that they know. Its for you!

  17.  by  Susan

    Referring to “9”, why didn’t they ask Richard Dawkins “and where does the intelligent designer from somewhere else in the universe come from?

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