I truly wish that our condoms would brake…

I truly wish that our condoms would brake...

I truly wish that our condoms would brake…

I desperately want a kid with you….

And I’m only 17…

10 Comments on “I truly wish that our condoms would brake…

  1.  by  Kelly

    Ummm, I wouldn’t until you can actually spell the word “break” correctly…

  2.  by  Jackie

    Sweetheart, wait until you get a good education, then a great job you love,then have something more to offer that baby you will love more than you believe is possible by being a greater YOU!

  3.  by  clarise

    hunny, I am a few short years older than you and I can honestly tell you I’ve been through more than you could imagine. I understand the feeling, i truly do. It would make you feel secure in your relationship, allow you to show the world how in love you two really are! it would make you 2 last forever and you would be a great mother right? WRONG! just take a strangers word. you are wrong, you have a LONG life ahead of you and you should live FIRST. you haven’t even got out into the world yet, you will end up having a slight resentment towards that child and its father because your child hood and young adult life will end. reconsider.

  4.  by  anonymous

    I think brake is the key word here. As in, put the brakes on this!

  5.  by  britt

    i dont know why people are such assholes on the baby thing- it nature that makes her want a baby. i could see if the secret said “i’ve been poking holes in the condom”. but as this point it is just a wish that her overies are putting into place.

  6.  by  Tisiphone

    Not necessarily nature – I know plenty of women who have never wanted children, not at seventeen, not at thirty-seven.

  7.  by  Christine

    Been there, felt that, but believe me you don’t want that. Teen-to thirty years old are years for incessant evolution. Your mindset, belief system, goals, ambitions, and interests are likely to change a thousand times, and baby may not always be on the list. If you have a baby in the midst of all that, remember it’s permanent and will probably hold many other of your dreams and opportunities back. And you only live once. And babies aren’t free, so be sure to get a degree that will ensure you a lucrative living.

  8.  by  Kate

    Ive been there. Senior year I was dying for a baby. I was so in love. I didn’t need to wait… I am a single mom and my son has never met his dad. I love him but life is so hard

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