I have and 8″ penis and I feel totaly inadequate

I have and 8

I have and 8″ penis and I feel totaly inadequate

I’m WAY too small

8 Comments on “I have and 8″ penis and I feel totaly inadequate

  1.  by  Tony

    Damn, what a waste. Who a penis is attached to & how he uses it is what matters.

  2.  by  Paul

    If 8 inches is too small them I’m fucked with my 6.5…average size is (wait for it)….. 5.5 inches ¬_¬

  3.  by  anon

    It really is not about size. The vast majority of a girls nerve endings are on the outside or in the first half inch.

  4.  by  A Nonni Mouse

    Anything more than that just gets awkward… and sometimes hurts. You’re just fine the way you are.

  5.  by  Nick

    Wanna know a secret? Every man has a penis trauma. Too big, too small, too wide, too many veins, too little, too…too…too… Learn how to love and nothing will matter (and hey ur not too bad at all man so chill, lol)

  6.  by  anon

    As a woman, 8 inches can be way too big. Painfully so if there isn’t enough foreplay and excitement going on.

  7.  by  Bella

    Dude, 8 inches is actually bigger than I’ve ever seen I think, and I have done a LOT of life drawing and had a number of partners. In fact I’m not even sure if that’d fit inside me. It’s like someone with E cups worrying they’re too small.

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