I feel GUILTY everyday for taking money from my parents’ for college

I feel GUILTY everyday for taking money from my parents' for college

I feel GUILTY everyday for taking money from my parents’ for college

10 Comments on “I feel GUILTY everyday for taking money from my parents’ for college

  1.  by  Clovershot

    Same. I wish I could support myself, I hate relying on them for money. I feel like I’m using them.

  2.  by  Jess

    uhh get a job and pay for what you can, and pay them back when you graduate…It’s not easy but if you really feel bad, u can fix it.

  3.  by  Keri

    I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who feels this way… :/

    Also, @ #2, getting a job right now ISN’T that easy.

  4.  by  Ivy

    I am the same way…I go to the point where I am so broke that I tell my parents I don’t need money and I go days by eating once a day or so.

  5.  by  MS

    You can never repay the kindness (or the money) your parents have shown you all your life- just be gracious and thankful and they will know it was worth their sacrifice.

  6.  by  Cassandra

    I hate myself for this too…
    this is the year 2 I’m studying, and the year 2 that I failed the most important course there is in my major…
    Now I want to drop out and… vanish into think air.
    I will never forgive myself.

  7.  by  giscindy

    I’m on the other end of this. I’m the loaner. 🙂 The money doesn’t matter to me as long as my child is bettering herself. I’m making an investment in our future and all I expect in return are passing grades, hugs and kisses and some help if I need it when I retire.
    Ivy, your mother would be appalled if she knew you were doing without food!

  8.  by  BoomKing

    I work full time and go to school full time. It is not easy. It is really nice that your parents care about you enough to help finance your education. Just be grateful…which it seems like you are, and allow them to help you out. No need to feel guilty. I would also look into getting a part time job on campus. Most colleges will hire students as administrative assistants, janitors, cooks ect…

  9.  by  Ally

    Don’t feel guilty if you’re going to college to learn, pay attention to your teachers, do your homework and get good grades, that’s enough pay for your parents, because that way, it’s an “Investment” I’m sure they’re glad to do. If on the other hand, you’re partying, not learning that much and getting bad grades, then don’t do this to them, tell them to save that money, and maybe invest in helping you start your own business, or just don’t waste it.
    Your parents pay for college because they care about you enough to want you to have a good job that will one day make you independent. If you’re going that way, awesome, otherwise, suggesting another path for the same end result might be subject of discussion, but at least you’re not ripping them off 🙂

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