I am inlove with her but I am married,

I am inlove with her but I am married,

I am inlove with her but I am married, i want to be with her and leave my husband but not really sure how she feels my heart aches everyday xx

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  1.  by  joelle

    I have a somewhat similar situation. Be strong, you can do this.

  2.  by  Ebra

    Do it. your heart is telling you what it whats.

  3.  by  secret

    she knows, i am divorcing him, nobody has ever made me so happy in my life. i cannot wait to wake up new to her beautiful face everyday. congrats normanthecow

  4.  by  MS

    It is normal to be attracted to our friends- what’s going to make this all wrong is acting on it. Breaking the promise you made on that wedding alter will hurt you more than you can imagine.

  5.  by  Vale

    leave him, stay with her and be happy!

  6.  by  still...

    wish you were talking about me

  7.  by  onlooker

    I have two family members who were happily married and had 3 children. They divorced later in life and my uncle is now in a happy relationship with his boyfriend and my aunt with her second husband. This can work out better for both of you. Be honest.

  8.  by  grace

    I am in the same boat. I love someone, not my husband, and am dying to be honest to all my friends and family. I’d love to hear how it has worked out for you. Funny, its easy for me to tell you to follow your heart, but to let myself? That’s harder…

    Good luck to you.

  9.  by  curious

    Are you still torn about what to do?Curious if you ever acted on it.

  10.  by  me

    I’m in a similar boat. I’m not currently in love with a Wyman (though one has definitely caught my attention), but I know if I wasn’t with my husband, I would only be with women. I’m trying to figure out if our love is enough..

  11.  by  Debbie

    Oh Tam, I am so proud of you and SUPER SIZED proud of your beautiful girl ..You are 1 in a 100000000000 and your dainlrg girl is so clever to have choosen you as her mumma you are so passionate and loving. GO TEAM Summer-Skye ! Glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day weekend . XX

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