I am in love with my first cousin

I am in love with my first cousin

I am in love with my first cousin

To bad he will never know.

10 Comments on “I am in love with my first cousin

  1.  by  tish

    i am sorry you will never know how to spell either

  2.  by  AninOnin

    Ignore tish.
    I’m sorry though. I can’t say I know how you feel, but love doesn’t come around every corner.

  3.  by  Anonymous

    Perhaps it will turn out to be mere infatuation. If so, I hope you will find true love in the future 🙂 Good luck and God Bless You 😀

  4.  by  Mystery J

    I hope it turns out to be mere infatuation and you will find tru love in the future 🙂 God Bless You <3

  5.  by  Erika

    Tish, what is spelled wrong? No, I’m not stupid, nothing she wrote on the postcard is incorrect.

  6.  by  seriously

    “To” instead of “Too.”

    But Tish, I’m sorry you are unable to get the point.

  7.  by  Laura

    Maybe Tish should write a secret…”I’m way unhappy and take it out on others….”

  8.  by  A

    Im in the exact same position, im in love with him but I could never tell him that and makes me sad

  9.  by  H76

    I did tell him. A year later he married some girl he’d known for barely 6 months and stopped speaking to me. We had been best friends.

  10.  by  Mike

    He’ll know it if you give him some pussy. Hell, I screwed 2 of my first cousins and it was Grrrrreeeeaaaattt!!!!! Something about the taboo I guess. Th

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