Everyday I wish I would develop a Brain Tumour that would kill me..

Everyday I wish I would develop a Brain Tumour that would kill me..

Everyday I wish I would develop a Brain Tumour that would kill me so I wouldn’t have to do it myself.

4 Comments on “Everyday I wish I would develop a Brain Tumour that would kill me..

  1.  by  just happy to be here

    My sister in law has two beautiful babies and my brother loves her, she has a tumor…and she tryies to live life at fullest..dont waste your time thinking you want to die or kill yourself. Do something to help yourself…get outside, do something you really love but never dare…practice bungy jumping, skydiving, surfing with sharks, walking the all country side to side…maybe you will kill yourself doing it…so if you get a brain tumor in the future, you will really miss your life…(if it is a chemical thing…take your medication please!)

  2.  by  breakingheart

    @ Just Happy To Be Here #
    Maybe you’re happy, but not everyone has such a great life. Some people have lived though some seriously shitty things, including being ignored by one or both their parents. You don’t know anything about this person’s life, only that they wish it was over. Anyone who would rather bear the unyielding pain of a brain tumor, than die in their 60s or 70s with horrible emotional pain has good reason for wanting to die.

  3.  by  regerts

    thank you @breakingheart for responding to the ‘sassy’ comment… I remember psychology being treated as a pseudo science for a reason, those days seem ancient and people spout clinical terms regularly. People go to med school for the dough or similar compelling reasons of control like a power tripping officer… Its heartbreaking that the world responds to any trauma, corruption, and pain or stereotypes with a bias towards condemning them as broken chemically. The younger community actually hashtags it too like another trend or a badge.. Its hugely ostracizing to reach out for help in very sheltered, narrow minded communities but its nice to see a comment once and while that rectifies some of these notions that have more than obliterated someone going through pain to go and seek help beyond medication from a messed up situation/circumstance.

    I was obstinate and sought out help but I was only taken seriously in the toddler age gap where I got conflicting advice from every community member, social workers, teachers and resolved to “stay”. By high school, I became completely overmedicated, dropped out and dropped cognitive skills which when I talked about those symptoms, I was told that I was being manipulative which was apart of my disorder and that I was defiant towards meds..
    I am now 30 and still find it hard to not feel ashamed of the young girl I was to ignore the bad advice and get out when I wasn’t being called every label and slur or a girl cried wolf. Sorry this was long winded, but these kindof comments alienate people genuinely seeking help out of an abusive situation. The investigation standards compared to narcotic crime is all hearsay and anything where the violence isn’t visible is basically not worth reporting. To this day I’m told that I couldn’t live up to my culture and that being a weirdo is attention seeking. I’m a brat from a wealthy community and most of the social workers said it was worth staying. I stayed! Because family is family and now I’m isolated. I still have nightmares from the abuse and I cant heal because the environment is alive and kicking. I constantly told myself when it got really bad, that no one would just stand by and watch and some witness, somewhere would recognize this… it never happened. And plenty have commented to me privately about what they’ve seen, then later on they openly comment with others about my infamy in the community. My parents tell me privately how they did what they did to protect their reputations but when push come to shove, its back to the same old use of clinical terms and changing the facts that I’m the scapegoat who turned their small time in history where they could have lost a daughter in social services to now becoming reputable and pitying for dealing with a monster child, in any means.

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