After you raped me, I had wished I was pregnant;

After you raped me, I had wished I was pregnant;

After you raped me, I had wished I was pregnant;

I thought if we had a family together, it would make the rape not real;

You were my best friend.

5 Comments on “After you raped me, I had wished I was pregnant;

  1.  by  justathought

    Please seek help. This isn’t the kind of thing you can fix by yourself. The rape happened and now the only thing you can do is walk forward and help yourself be happy again. Please don’t let anyone tell you that it was your fault or that you’re blowing something out of proportion. I wish you well. <3

  2.  by  Bethanie

    I was conceived when my mother was raped by her friend. Trust me, you would never have been a family. And your child would have resented themselves for the pain you went through for them to be here.
    Feel lucky that you didn’t get pregnant so you can move on from this horrible thing that happened to you without a daily reminder.

  3.  by  Ivy

    I know exactly what your are going through.

  4.  by  Lou

    I was raped for over a month from a guy I was dating.
    My family begged me daily to break up with him, because they could tell something was wrong.
    After I broke up with him, I hoped I was pregnant, so I could be punished for the pain I put my family through.
    That was almost 3 years ago, and I still wish it some days.
    Talk to someone about this.
    It doesn’t just go away.

  5.  by  AnthroGirl

    That won’t make it easier. It never could make it easier. I can’t say its harder, but it IS hard. My child was conceived through rape. It took 3 months before I finally took the test, and it destroyed me. I lost everything in my life. Friends. Family. And do you think that he will stick around? No. Trust me. You won’t want him around. You want to protect your child from him. I can remember, after he found out from mutual friends, he found me and said the scariest thing I’ve ever heard, “I bet its a girl. I really hope its a girl.” It was at that moment that I disappeared. Dealing with a child and the emotional trauma of rape is hard. For the first 2 months, all I saw was him, every time I looked at her. It took a while to bond and I sought therapy to help with the issues. I love my child to death and I will kill him before I ever let him near her, but it is hard to be unwed, pregnant, and not with the rapist father. This is my secret. With years and help, it’s gotten a lot easier, but you will never have a “family”. It would always be real. All too real.

    Please, talk to someone. It’s important to grieve and important to heal.

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