Somedays my anxiety is SO bad..

Somedays my anxiety is SO bad..

Somedays my anxiety is SO bad that I wish our town still had an insane asylum I could go to.

9 Comments on “Somedays my anxiety is SO bad..

  1.  by  ctrl

    if you really want to, you can just go to another town. give it a try. there are people everywhere to help you 😉

  2.  by  Jeffrey

    Your anxiety already has you in a cage… don’t wish for another one. Seek the help you need to break free.

  3.  by  Cassie

    just remember you are never alone, and you will get through this.

  4.  by  lisa

    ive had anxiety so bad my whole life. ive missed out on so much and somedays are just unbearable.dont give up

  5.  by  Scott

    This is the entire, authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ, the “Good News” as the Apostles originally taught it. The Gospel is magnificently simple and speaks of how the Cross of Christ benefited all people, not just some.

    1. Forgiven: All sins of all people for all time were forgiven and forgotten on the Cross of Jesus Christ; only the eternal and unforgiveable sin of unbelief was not forgiven on the Cross. Therefore, the issue of forgiveness was fully resolved 2,000 years ago.

    2. Saved Through Faith: All are forgiven but not all are saved because salvation is more than forgiveness. Only when that last sin of unbelief is turned to faith in Jesus Christ does God remove your old sinful nature and replace it with a brand new, clean heart.

    3. Born Again: Now a “clean vessel,” the Spirit of Jesus Christ has a place in you to live. By the fact that He comes to live in you, His presence makes you fully and forever righteous in your born again spirit. In other words, you are righteous because the Righteous One lives in you, and you possess eternal life because Eternal Life now dwells in your heart. Righteousness is a gift and the gift is the person of Jesus Christ living in you by His Spirit.

    4. Live By Faith: You still “live” in the same mortal body as you did before you became a Christian, and it is still dead because of sin. Your physical body awaits a future redemption. But, for this very reason you live by faith because you cannot live a righteous life by your own human strength. As you follow in faith the inner life of Jesus Christ, He will live out His righteous life in you and do His good works through you; you are the hands, feet and mouth by which Jesus does His works.

  6.  by  PA Mary

    You should try therapy for a bit. Sounds like you are in need of healthy coping mechanisms. Do something to help yourself now. No excuses. You aren’t living.

  7.  by  Sophie

    I have suffered with anxiety all my life. Nobody noticed until this year, when I began to have debilitating seizures and panic attacks. Even now, on medication, I sometimes have to curl up in a ball in my closet until it passes. Babe I wish I could tell you that it’s easy, but it’s not. Do not try to conquer the world. They say that bravery is not doing something dangerous, it’s about doing something that scares you. For us, getting out of bed in the morning is sometimes the same as riding dragons or escaping Alcatraz. We’re gonna get through this. I have just spent my first week away from home in a year, and in the fall I am finally going to move away from home. I am scared shitless. Every day God needs to wrestle me away from the bathtub, telling me that today I am not going to go down beneath the water and breath deep. I am going to live. And so are you. The most terrified wimpy people are, in fact, the bravest knights in shining armor and Indiana Jones’s around

  8.  by  Anonymous

    I get this… To the point where I get drunk and can’t leave the house. I’m glad I’m not alone…

  9.  by  top secret

    I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, I have a psychologist and take medication. You are not alone, I know how you feel. Seek help and learn different skills to cope, it has made a great difference for me. Even if you feel so lonely and isolated know that I am out here living with the same thing. I am happy.

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