One day…

One day...

One day….I won’t be ashamed!

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  1.  by  Asraa

    I am not sure if those are cuts, bruises, or stretchmarks, but nonetheless you should not be ashamed of your past and just try your best to be happy. I am just a complete stranger wishing you the best of luck, and whatever it is that is hurting you, just please do not give up.

  2.  by  Some Angel

    You! CAN! Do It!! 🙂 I wish for you to be happy!

  3.  by  Glenn

    Forget the past. Use today as a new start. God loves you in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

  4.  by  Win

    You don’t have anything to be ashamed of…keep safe x

  5.  by  Eza

    Photos like this scare me and hurt me. All because the remind me of who I used to be. But on my 15th birthday I decided that instead of hurting myself I was to stand up and live my life. I won’t lie and say it’s been easy, at times it’s been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. And Yet, everything I have learnt and seen and experienced in the last 2 years makes me glad I made the decision I did. After a while the memories of the past begin to fade, as do the scars, but you should never be ashamed of who you are now, of who you were before you chose to recover. Some of the greatest things I learn about myself came in the moments I chose to turn my whole life around. So stand tall, change your life and be proud of who you are. Stay strong and have hope. After all, tomorrow is always a better day. ♥

  6.  by  AMM

    don’t be ashamed!! use those scars and cuts to make you stronger! and as they heal with time, allow yourself to heal as well. you are never alone!

  7.  by  Silverwave21

    Actually you will always be ashamed of those. They will scar and every time you see them you will remember who and what you were a cutter. I cut myself once it was on my upper forearm and i did it 4 years ago. I didn’t bleed but it did scar. IT is a permanent reminder of what i used to be. I hateful monster who would have killed everyone who made him who he was if he had the chance. The scar represents my hatred for what i was becoming and me choosing my own pain over my mothers. I could have probably killed her the night i did it. But I hurt myself so i wouldn’t hurt her. I will never forget what i was and i will always be reminded but i can devote my live to not letting me being consumed by hatred again and loving my mother.

  8.  by  You will heal

    I had a friend who said horrible, hurtful things to me. I removed him from my life. Two years later, he called me wanting to have coffee. I initially refused, but then agreed. He showed me scars on his arms from where he had tried to kill himself. He apologized for the things he had said to me. I forgave him, and we are friends again. I think that experience gave him a sort of catharsis. He’s healthier now, and the scars are only visible if you look for them. Please know that the people who care about you will understand. There is hope.

  9.  by  Elaine

    This does not look like they CUT THEMSELF, whoever silverwave person is, is a douche who needs to get a life. good god. looks like a motor accident of sorts

  10.  by  Eza

    Elaine, whether those scars are self inflicted or not, it is not up to us to judge, it is for us to listen and understand. If you judge a person they can not heal, and they can not get better.

  11.  by  Nikki

    I’ve been there and my arms looked just like that. Each line tells its own story and once you get passed that place, they act like milestones. They may be sad to think about but I never think of them shamefully because I know I was strong enough to get past them. To not let that urge drive me anymore. That something came along that made my struggle worth something. I truly hope you find that something and the cuts become nothing but victory scars to prove you were stronger.

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