9 thoughts on “My life is perfect, but I feel awful and lonely all the time…”

  1. If you feel awful and lonely then your life isn’t perfect. having the ‘perfect job’ or guy doesn’t mean it’s perfect for you.

  2. If things are perfect in your opinion, then you might be experiencing clinical depression. You don’t have to. Depression is treatable.

    But if you’re trying to live up to other people’s idea of “perfect”, you might want to ask yourself “why am I doing this?”.

  3. I feel guilty for everything I have. It’s not because i stole it. I just don’t think I should get more than others. And this thought makes me feel guilty because I’m not being grateful 🙁

  4. @Abby: Give some away to someone who really needs it and I’m sure you’ll feel better!

  5. I’ve struggled with this myself, and I have a close friend who I know goes through depression. I’ve exhausted myself spending time at their side (time I wouldn’t have rather spent anywhere else) trying to get them to feel better about who they are, trying to get them to see the amount of love that surrounds them and how amazing of a person they are. But they never seem to want to fully open up and welcome me in to help. Opening up and discussing your troubles is the first step to solving them.

  6. The best part about PostSecret: Learning you’re not the only one. This post, this is exactly how I feel. Knowing someone out there feels the same way, is kind of reassuring, in a sort of twisted way. I hope all ends well for you. Always stay as strong as you can<3

  7. Sometimes people get this way because when nothing is wrong, it’s usually either because they’re bored, or feel like something “ought to be wrong” when it isn’t. We’re not built to have perfect lives. We are built to deal with problems and a life that isn’t the same day to day. That’s why humans are so adaptable and flexible.

  8. I hang out with people I don’t even like, because when I’m alone, I feel miserable. My life is perfect, so I’m afraid to tell anyone because their life seems so much worse… I don’t want to be a burden for others.

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