My daddy doesnt want me,

My daddy doesnt want me,

My daddy doesnt want me, I wanted love so bad, that i let my boyfriends abuse me in every way. i cry myself to sleep…my mom hates me. i cut myself and pop pills, and smoke. i haate myself. I was molested at ten.

But I found someone who loves me dosent abuse me, and dosent care that ive been with other guys.

i love him for that, but he an do so much better, and that scares me.

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  1.  by  monica

    don’t tell yourself that. he’s with you because he truly wants to be and because he doesn’t see anyone better. i used to tell my boyfriend that he could do better all the time. then i finally lost him and i wish i could take back all those comments and just enjoy him and his support. so just sit and enjoy his love

  2.  by  vicki

    You can’t hate yourself because if you do they win. Everyone that has ever hurt you, wins. You are stronger than that. Prove them wrong. Accept the love!

  3.  by  Sarah

    God loves you too! Seek Him out and give Him a chance to show it!

  4.  by  John

    I love you. Unreservedly. You are an awesome person. I am coming from pretty much the same place as you.

  5.  by  kim

    u are beautiful. what happened to u @ that tender age altered you. it destroyed the child you were, if left behind a terrified ghost baby that needed to cope and grow to the best of her abilities. it also altered the way u perceive others.. they love you, doll. the problem is you need to love you, in order to see others true love. i know this. personally. and u know what? i dont know you, but i know ur pain, and i love you, friend.

  6.  by  L

    if my boyfriend really knew i think he’d leave me, but i’m too much of a wimp to dump him for that. no one should ever judge you. what happened before shouldn’t matter. you weren’t doing anything to hurt anyone else

  7.  by  friend

    i found someone who loves me too and i worried that he’d figure out that he can do better bu ti realize that was just prolonging the hurt and stopping me from enjoying his love. I spoke to him about my fears and he assured me that he was there. thats it, that’s enough….im happy

  8.  by  Me too

    I knew I was abused at that age too but didn’t tell anyone for decades. Am realizing how much it has impacted who I am today. I will keep you in my heart as I work to love and accept myself and be there for the 10 year old who was all alone.

  9.  by  joe

    maybe It’s not about better or worse. maybe you just fit right. some people love well grommed collies, some people love ugly ass pugs. some people even love cats?! so let him love you, because you are you…and no one else is.

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