My boyfriend is really religious.

My boyfriend is really religious.

My boyfriend is really religious. I have never hated anything more than religion. He can never know.

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  1.  by  Voice of Reason

    I don’t see how you can hate religion most of all. You must be young, to think in such absolutes. Religion is an awesome thing, it’s just done wrong. The concept of religion is good, execution is lackluster

  2.  by  Zipporah

    I agree with the above ^ It’s human nature to put your faith in things. Putting faith in religion is better than putting it in something like saaay…the government. Religion saved my life. I hope that one day you can look past whatever wrongs were done to you in the name of religion,

  3.  by  Some Angel

    I, too, agree with them. But I also think that you are amazing for staying with someone who is incredibly religious when you hate it. Hang in there, and perhaps he can show you that religion isn’t bad; just done wrongly. Good luck! <3

  4.  by  REAL:faithISNTblind

    I have to agree with the above stated comments too. Hate the false players, not religion or faith in general.

    Many convolute and corrupt the idea of God and indeed all roads do not lead to Rome. It is up to you to find the one that does and to BELIEVE that it exist.

  5.  by  insertwittynamehere

    My boyfriend was like this as well. I hid so much from him. In the end, we were just not compatible at all.

    I think you are entitled to your opinions about religion or anything else for that matter, no matter how old you are.

    I am not young by anyone’s standards and I am not a fan of organized religion in the least.

  6.  by  Tony

    Am I the only one who sees that religion is not the issue here? Keeping a secret of such magnitude from a significant other is the real problem.

    The boyfriend is being lied to & the poster feels guilty for lying (Otherwise she/he would not have posted this). This unhealthy behavior does not bode well for the relationship & is unfair to both.

    The relationship is not necessarily doomed however. If the poster comes clean to the boyfriend, 1 of 2 things will happen:

    • They might be able to talk it through & remain together by reaching some sort of understanding.

    • The relationship will end & they’ll each move on because it was not meant to be.

    If she/he doesn’t come clean then the lie will grow, the guilt will fester & the relationship will end anyway after a long, drawn out, miserable amount of time.

    Please tell him.

  7.  by  ares9465

    I agree with Tony. But just because you see religion as corupt doesn’t mean that you can’t have faith. Also please do your best not to poison his faith. I have done this many times and feel guilty about each and everyone.

  8.  by  Miles

    When people believe important things based on faith they make important decisions based on those beliefs. Their somewhat random morals, are bound to conflict with other faith based or rational morals and passionate conflict will result. Also religious morals aren’t always actually moral – so people are sometimes unduly hurt. Religions have their positive side but all in all, I agree, they are bad. Hopefully you can get him to see the light or at least agree to disagree. In the end I don’t think you’ll be happy living a lie.

  9.  by  Lawgiver

    Certainly you are allowed to think “I hate religion”, but guess what? Religion was around long before you hit puberty. Guess what else? Religion will still be around LONG after you and your little hates are a heap of dust.

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