I’ve never been able to cry for anyone

I've never been able to cry for anyone

I’ve never been able to cry for anyone but fictional characters.

6 Comments on “I’ve never been able to cry for anyone

  1.  by  Jade

    Me too. I get more exited when I talk about those fictional characters than when I talk about my real life.

  2.  by  Aryalda

    that’s so true, the only time I’ve cryed was reading… don’t worry, it’s just the tehnique authors use – if you care about their characters you’ll buy the sequel! it’s perfectly normal!

  3.  by  Pikachu

    I think it’s because there’s an innocence about them that is unmatched to reality.

  4.  by  hope

    Someone once told me this theory and I think it’s brilliant… It may be because fictional characters already have their lives set out for them, and you can’t stop the inevitable, you can’t help them solve their problems, you can’t save them… The only thing you can do is cry and acknowledge their pain/happiness

  5.  by  joe

    me too. i cried my eyes out over jerry mcguire, and im a guy. in my defense, i cry at the the football player gets hurt, not the lovey stuff where your supposed to cry.

    i cry with the movies, when i need to cry because of real life. because its a safe place to cry, and because its ok to cry in the dark when no one is watching. the fact that you realize this secret tells me that its not a lack of conection with real life, but a safty mechanisim. feel free to keep using the movies to afford your release.

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