It’s hard to love my dad, but I still do.

It's hard to love my dad, but I still do.

It’s hard to love my dad, but I still do.

Even though I have to hold back tears when I see fathers like this with their daughters in public.

Because I wish he would have been more like this.

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  1.  by  Bri

    I found it hard to love my dad, as well. He left my mother to fend for herself with three children when I was only six. He never called, never visited, and I’ve only seen him eight times since. This last year, he tried to be a better father by attending my musicals and band concerts. He died back in December. Appreciate the fact that you still have him and love him with all of your heart. You never know when you will lose him.

  2.  by  Jo

    This postcard hit home with me. In fact, it’s something I used to say and something I still think about from time to time. I didn’t get along with my father for the most part and years went by where I didn’t talk to him much or at all. I finally made amends with him this past year and this is also the year he lost his battle with cancer. He died March 9th and yesterday, the 25th, was his birthday. He would have been 51. I stayed by his side and helped take care of him on my days off of my job as nursing aide. In his final days he was disoriented and most of what he said was incoherent but he did tell me he loved me and he did mention my name quite a bit even in his mumbled sentences. He made a lot of mistakes; my dad wasn’t perfect. But he did love me. And I guess that’s the most important thing.

  3.  by  Nathan

    I’m a guy and I want to experience that father-daughter relationship.

  4.  by  Melissa

    I don’t still love my dad. I don’t even hate him anymore. But, I feel sorry for myself when I see good Dads taking loving care of their children.
    I can’t be a person feeling sorry for myself either, so take that sadness and promise to myself to find a Dad like that for the kids that I hope to have.

  5.  by  k

    this post really stood out to me. I havent talked to my father in four years. I miss him so much but at the same time I know if I reach out to him and try to have a relationship with him that he will just hurt me and tear me down like he did my whole life. He used to beat the hell out of my mom and my brother and I and I have never really got over it. He acts like it never even happened. i have tried so many times to have the father daughter relationship that i have always wanted and it always turns out the same way, with me crying. He doesnt even know what my daughters name is. He calls her paige and her name is sage. I have kind of came to terms with the fact that my father will probably die before we ever have a good relationship and that kills me.

  6.  by  laraxo0x

    I love my dad more than anything, this is how it was before the accident. I know he wishes everyday that he was physically capable for it to have stayed like this. I wish i was able to tell him that its okay and that his emotional support did more for me than a million walks through the park ever could have. But the thought of speaking it allowed brings me to tears.

  7.  by  Sara-Rose

    I know how that feels, i really do.My dad was never there for me and he left me multiple times. Fathers are so important in life and it takes a lot of strength to live without that kind of person guiding you and being there for you. It hurts, but it helped make you who you are.

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