I’m struggling with anorexia..

I'm struggling with anorexia..

I’m struggling with anorexia and can’t tell my parents.
I’m only 14.

6 Comments on “I’m struggling with anorexia..

  1.  by  Hanna

    Hun, everyone struggles. You shouldn’t have to struggle alone tell your parents you are struggling. They can get the help you need

  2.  by  Tara

    You can do it, telling your parents is te first step, everyone is behind you, you can do it. If i can do it you really can 🙂

  3.  by  Erica

    I can really understand what you are going through because I’m in the same situation. I deny it in front of anyone else, but I know that it’s true. And I am 14 years old too. And I’ve been like this for 2 years and am not sure what to do….

  4.  by  Another

    Please talk to them. I know you think you can’t. I have struggled with this for years and it has destroyed a lot of things in my life. At 14, you have a lot of time left to deal with the issues that are causing this. Do something now before it gets any worse.

  5.  by  rose.jayne

    You don’t have to tell your parents first if you don’t want to, tell a friend, a close relative-someone who cares. They’ll help you-you can win, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step’~ start now and it won’t get any worse x

  6.  by  Pikachu

    Seek out help, the longer you stay engrossed in anorexia the longer the recovery – do something now so that someday you can see the real beautiful person you are in the mirror.

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