I’m not in the shower…

I'm not in the shower...

I’m not in the shower…I just don’t want you to hear me puking….

4 Comments on “I’m not in the shower…

  1.  by  Clayre

    I do this to 🙁 now I know I’m not alone.

  2.  by  Bree

    I always get in the shower to puke, sometimes I can have showered four times in a single evening.

  3.  by  dreaminrewind

    I did this. I permanently damaged the muscles in my sides from vomiting so much. Now, if I get a cold and cough, little bits of my muscle tears. I lost all of my teeth. I have dentures now. You don’t have to do this. You are NOT alone, and you CAN get better. Please get help.

  4.  by  noname

    we can still hear you and it hurts us every time. please get help.

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