I wish on flowers for you to propose to me…

I wish on flowers for you to propose to me...

I wish on flowers for you to propose to me…

but we’ve only been dating for 2 months…

I just don’t want to lose you… I love you.

6 Comments on “I wish on flowers for you to propose to me…

  1.  by  anon

    I know the feeling…I have been with my boyfriend for over four years now and he still hasn’t proposed…he still think we’re too young.

  2.  by  Shar Joy

    Getting engaged or married because you are afraid of “losing” someone, will pretty much guarantee that you will lose them someday….

  3.  by  Tom Jines

    Do you truly love them in such a short time, or do you “need” them?

  4.  by  andrew

    follow your heart always, it will get broken and hurt but without these emotions you will never truly experience true love and hapiness either, life is just too short to be too careful with logic, i got married at 23 after meeting her on a cruise i moved to her country and we married after 3 months, we just knew we were right for each other, we were married for 13 years and it was beautiful every day, we did divorce whjich crushed me, ironicly i met someone else just 1 month before i was due to return to my home country 1 year after the divorce, we are married now and i feel more connected than ever and truly happy again, listen to your gut and follow your heart

  5.  by  Chrispy

    Listen to Shar Joy. Love is like pizza dough. The worst way to hold onto it, is to squeeze it extremely hard.

  6.  by  PA Mary

    Doesn’t sound healthy. Make sure you are having these extreme feelings for the right reasons.

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