I think I have breastcancer

I think I have breastcancer

I think I have breastcancer but I won’t tell anyone because I don’t want to be the sick girl.

7 Comments on “I think I have breastcancer

  1.  by  Crystal

    Tell someone. Go to the Doctors. You may be the “sick girl” but that’s ok. It is no fault of your own. I would hate to see you not get treated because you don’t want to be the sick girl and then when you decide you want to treat it be too late.

  2.  by  Shar Joy

    Your ability to let us know means you CAN tell someone…..and the relief for you will be wonderful…..you are not alone…we care….:)

  3.  by  Miles

    If you don’t tell somebody you will be the sick girl. If you nip it in the bud it’s your best chance to stay healthy. Maybe it won’t turn out to be cancer. good luck.

  4.  by  El

    i AM the sick girl, and it’s okay.

  5.  by  PA Mary

    As long as you tell the doctor’s and get the help you need to get better, no one else needs to know. I do recommend you talk about it though.

  6.  by  Chu

    stigma is stigma. do what you gotta do to hide it, go to the doc, watch breaking bad, <3 and good luck. It can be beat!

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