I gave my step brother chlamydia…

I gave my step brother chlamydia...

I gave my step brother chlamydia and I think I’m in love with him.

5 Comments on “I gave my step brother chlamydia…

  1.  by  Jboy

    Ooooooo! Nasty on so many levels!!! Just plain NASTY!!!

  2.  by  PA Mary

    It would be a good idea to really think about what you are doing. One, you had an STD which means irresponsible intercourse. Two, you are sleeping with or very close to sleeping with your step brother. Doesn’t sound like healthy patterns. In fact sounds a little self-destructive. Work through what’s going on. Good luck.

  3.  by  ciera

    I know two people who are step-siblings and have been happily married for over twenty years. They are the best example of a happy marriage I had to look up to growing up; their mutual love, support, and respect make me hopeful for my own marriage one day. Be careful, things can get really weird, but if feelings are serious it may be worth it. Love is love. Chlamydia needs treatment.

  4.  by  Oliver Perona

    Chlamydial infection of the neck of the womb (cervicitis) is a sexually transmitted infection which is asymptomatic for about 50-70% of women infected with the disease. The infection can be passed through vaginal, anal, or oral sex. Of those who have an asymptomatic infection that is not detected by their doctor, approximately half will develop pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).,^`

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