I feel my husband deserves a MILLION times better

I feel my husband deserves a MILLION times better

I feel my husband deserves a MILLION times better and I’m afraid one day he’ll find it.

8 Comments on “I feel my husband deserves a MILLION times better

  1.  by  Sarah

    Don’t ever think that! He married you because he wanted YOU!

  2.  by  Some Angel

    Never tell yourself this. He married you because he is in love with YOU, and no other woman. Believe me on this. I kept feeling the same with my boyfriend. He is my first boyfriend, we have been in love for quite a long while, and we want to be wed to one another one day.

    I am telling you this, because I told him that I knew he could do so much better. Then he told me that he has never felt like marrying his girlfriends, the way he does with me.

    Your husband married you, because he saw that you are his other half. He saw you as perfection, for HIM. And no other person could be better.

  3.  by  Shar Joy

    Sit down with your husband and ask him what he loves about you….and everyday silently repeat his words back to yourself while you look in your mirror….it will get easier each time you allow it to penetrate your being. This is the beginning of acceptance and compassion for the lovable and unique soul that you are. Marriage is about supporting and encouraging the journey of discovering who we are. A courageous act of two whole beings committed to walk hand in hand on two separate and converging paths. Let go of your fear (just your ego messing with your head), and choose to honor and have faith in the choice you both have made. Anything else is a waste of time……you perfect soul you….;)

  4.  by  Miles

    Having someone who thinks he’s so great must be awesome. Sounds like he’s lucky to have you.

  5.  by  Twinkle twinkle

    I love the artwork on your postcard .. Everyone has is showing their back and even the bird has just one feather to his beak … Like the human gesture for shuuu. Gurrrrllll you’re talented.

  6.  by  sigh

    I feel this almost every day with my fiance.

  7.  by  Pushed Away

    How long has this been going on. Are you mean to him?? I used to love my wife. She has been such an asshole for years I can’t stand to be around her anymore. the only reason I don’t leave is our dog has cancer and the economy sucks. Good luck to you. Sit and talk to him.

  8.  by  ESPost

    I tried to break up with my boyfriend so he could find someone better.I’ve never seen someone so hurt. I’ve never felt so ashmed. I’ve never been more worried that my inability to be believe in myself will push everyone who does believe in me away. If he wanted to go he would. But if he loves you he will stay, I’m sure you are much better than you think.

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