I don’t understand how you “Love” me but…

I don't understand how you

I don’t understand how you “Love” me but….still have a crush on HER.

5 Comments on “I don’t understand how you “Love” me but…

  1.  by  AninOnin

    A crush is a minor infatuation, and never lasts as long, or as deeply as love.

  2.  by  Dxxxxx

    Lust never stops but it also never lasts, true love is tested by the ability to resist lust and commit to love.

  3.  by  Miles

    I like bacon and I like cake. Love, like all other emotions, can be applied to more than one person.

  4.  by  Engaged

    I’m engaged. My fiance and I have both had crushes on other people during our relationship. We have talked about it and both found it empowering in some ways. Because we have such a strong relationship, when these little interests come along we can step back and see the reasons why it wouldn’t work, and love each other more for it. I know it’s hard, but trust him. If you can manage to live your whole life without ever having feelings for someone other than whom you’re with, then you would deserve some award or something.

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