I don’t know if I love my husband anymore…

I don't know if I love my husband anymore...

I don’t know if I love my husband anymore…Or if I really did.
I hate myself for that.

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  1.  by  K

    I know exactly how you feel… I felt the same way. It’s a hard realization but a good one. I still broke his heart when I left but in the long run, I know my leaving was the best for both of us… Good luck, be strong, and remember, you both deserve to love and be loved.

  2.  by  Heather

    It’s heart breaking to see what i’m feeling in your post. Some people wait a life time for the one. We though we found it, but now it feels like we are throwing it away. I’m going to keep trying. Maybe we can fall in love with our husbands again? Or maybe it is just denial of what K is saying? Good luck either way.

  3.  by  ariel

    As I contemplated my secret, I came across this one and it fit mine to a “t”. I loved him until he slept with her…now that i’ve slept with someone else, i realize i haven’t loved him since i found out about her.

  4.  by  itsjustme

    I understand how you feel completely, and it sucks not knowing, and for staying in the marriage feels unfair to him, but sometimes i wonder if he is faking it just like i feel i am.

  5.  by  Lily

    This is so me.
    I was dating a guy I was in love with on and off for nearly 3 years. We broke up and I rushed into a relationship with the first guy that paid any attention to me because I was so hurt by it. My ex and I lost contact for a few months and when he found out about the new guy I was with, he was hurt that I rushed off into a new relationship so fast he said it would be best if we just didn’t speak anymore. Six months later he committed suicide. Shortly after that I moved in with the guy I was dating and we got married a few months later. It’s been nearly 2 years now since we got married, and I honestly don’t know if I ever loved him, or if I just married him because I was upset about my ex and thought being with my husband is something I should do because part of me believes that is the only reason he died and we aren’t together now.

  6.  by  Adrianne

    I feel that same way. Life is so hard and it forces one to change. The changes have also changed the way I want to love and how I want to be loved. Being trapped in marriage is truly a battle you won’t win until one of you are disqualified. I am unhappy and dissatisfied with life and it’s not depression just married to the wrong person. I was so young and naive. I have heard it many times, why don’t you leave ? I haven’t left because I am scared and not willing to rock the boat. I am a traditional woman with a young child. I am my worst enemy

  7.  by  T

    I have been holding these feelings in for so long and faking it everyday for years. But who could I tell without the lectures? the judging? the unwanted “advice”? I felt like I was going to explode then I remembered my daughter showing me this site & BOOM there was your post. I just started crying… I’m not alone.

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