I create profiles on dating websites to feel good about myself.

I create profiles on dating websites to feel good about myself.

I create profiles on dating websites to feel good about myself. My boyfriend doesn’t know.

He calls me beautiful everyday. It isn’t ENOUGH!

7 Comments on “I create profiles on dating websites to feel good about myself.

  1.  by  He Deserves Better, I Think

    I am sorry that you feel this way. But I feel worse for your poor boyfriend. He truly deserves better, if you are not willing to believe in him and his words. You want to be loved, admired, and feel sexy? By who? The world?

    Your partner is supposed to BE your world.

    I am an overweight 20 year old woman, and I have an annoyingly high and soft voice that drives my family and many others insane. I have NEVER felt pretty, beautiful, sexy, or even DECENT. Then my boyfriend called me beautiful. Sexy. Pretty. Perfect for HIM. Who cares that some stranger halfway around the world thinks your carefully angled Internet photo thinks you are beautiful. When are you going to meet him? Where will you HEAR him say that you are beautiful while watching his eyes glimmer with emotion?

    Try to feel the sincerity in your boyfriend’s voice when he tells you. You need to be able to trust your partner here, because if you cannot do that, then I do not know who you can ever trust to see you as being beautiful.

  2.  by  hs9

    you can’t look to other people to feel good about yourself. You have some insecurities that you need to solve on your own. Not strangers, or a boyfriend, or anyone can fix it for you.

  3.  by  Silverwave21

    Your pretentious attention whore.

  4.  by  Dxxxxx

    Anyone enjoys a compliment and I know how good it feels and reassuring it is to get approval from total strangers.

  5.  by  anonial

    what’s wrong with wanting the whole world to admire you? When people tell you you’re beautiful all the time, it starts to lose it’s value like they have to say it. When strangers tell you, it’s more believable. I also have a boyfriend who showers me with compliments, I don’t doubt he thinks so, but he would never call me ugly now, even if I was. The fact that I have multiple men hating my boyfriend for having me is elating. I would never leave him for them, but I love the feeling of everyone’s eyes on me, of everyone wanting me. Right, wrong, good, bad…whatever, it’s not one of those things I can help.

  6.  by  PA Mary

    This need for attention is not okay. Both you and anonial need to find a way to be happy with yourselves. It’s a selfish and empty way of living. Be better for yourselves and the people around you.

  7.  by  Ally

    I just remembered “The Little Prince”, when he finds all of those roses in the garden and is disappointed about the fact that his “unique” flower is just a common rose, and that there are so many others like her (just like there are so many nice comments from strangers who don´t really care about you on the internet) and then the fox explains to him that his rose is unique because he has cared for it and watered it. He goes back to the roses in the garden and tells them that they are nothing like his rose, because nobody would die for them…

    I hope someday you realize that it´s easy for men on the internet to compliment you, they do the same thing with many other girl. They´d even do it for girls who aren´t really beautiful, as long as they think they might get a chance to sleep with them, or at least see them nude on webcam.

    When your boyfriend tells you you´re beautiful, and the fact that he does it every day, that´s something none of those men on the internet would do for you, and it´s also something your boyfriend wouldn´t do for anyone else. It´s also something that he might still tell you (and mean it) when you´re 60, your face is all wrinkled and your boobs are closer to your hips than to your face. It´s better to have one meaningful thing than a thousand meaningless ones.

    Ego is easy to please. It´s hard to find someone who will tell you that not because he expects anything in return, but just because he feels that way and wants you to know that he thinks you´re beautiful.
    Every Day. 🙂

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