He was my FIRST LOVE but he’ll never love me..

He was my FIRST LOVE but he'll never love me..

he was my FIRST LOVE but he’ll never love me he said so.

and i think it’s probably MY FAULT.

my only love who i think i’ll always love.


7 Comments on “He was my FIRST LOVE but he’ll never love me..

  1.  by  love

    its ok…i swear i was so in love with a guy and id never properly loved a guy before and then another guy came out of nowhere and hes perfect. i think ill always love my first love in a little way but never as much as my second 🙂 it can get better i promise

  2.  by  Anonymous B

    I fell in love four years ago with the perfect man, I thought I would never find it in me to move on after two years of trying to drag my mind away. And I’ve finally done it. I never confronted him to find out whether he would love me back, but now he’s out of my life time has helped heal and that horrible longing for him has gone… I hope it does for you too.

  3.  by  Kim

    I fell in love with a guy when i was 15 years old, I am now 24 and am still madly, deeply, and completely in love with him. We broke up when i was 17 and i became pregnant by another guy who i was with for 6 years. I loved my sons dad but i was still so in love with my first love that i could never fully give my heart to him. The guy i am still in love with has been married now and has a child with her now divorced from her and with another girl expecting a baby. I cannot get over him and i dont feel like i can ever love someone as much as i love him

  4.  by  Rose

    I know the feeling. In college, there was this guy who I was good friends with and who I thought was perfect for me and that I was in love with him. I never said anything to him because I found out he liked someone else. I’m kinda glad I didn’t because he turned into a dick. Everything happens for a reason. If someone doesn’t love you back, fuck ’em (not literally, of course, lol). They aren’t worth the effort it takes to pine for them.

  5.  by  anonymous.

    I know exactly how you feel. I was in love with this guy for 4 years and he never EVER loved me back. He pretended for a few months he did but now I know that he was faking. Hopefully one day we both will move on and find someone worth our love.

  6.  by  Anonymous

    I loved a boy who broke my heart. I deleted my social network account just so I wouldn’t have to see pictures of him and the girl he dicked me over for. I get a sharp pain in my chest everytime I see him and I haven’t been able to care for anybody since.

  7.  by  Sandy

    One day … Whether you are 14, 28, or 65 you will find someone who will start a burning fire within you, a fire that no matter what you do cannot die. And the sad most awful truth you they may not be the one whom you spend the rest of your life with. Your first love will always mean something to you. You may wish it goes away yet hope it comes back until you truly find peace and acceptance in moving on. You may find love and happiness again but you’ll never ” fall in love ” because your already in the fall once you’ve fallen in love I mean really fallen you won’t fall again but it doesn’t mean you won’t love.

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