He uses drugs, doesn’t love me enough,

He uses drugs, doesn't love me enough,

He uses drugs, doesn’t love me enough, but I still love him.


5 Comments on “He uses drugs, doesn’t love me enough,

  1.  by  Cassie

    because your addiction is him. Don’t let one person define your happiness. Don’t settle for someone that treats you like your merely ordinary.

  2.  by  Shar Joy

    He is not present enough in his OWN life to be able to even feel Love….let alone express it to another. Your true question should be “Why do I not love myself enough??”

  3.  by  Pocket

    my boyfriend used to make me feel just like this for the same reasons!! he needed help so i gave it to him no matter how much it hurt me know we are more in love then ever!!! HELP HIM XX

  4.  by  BRT

    I am going through this right now. Im trying so hard to help him because i know what person he was before drugs drugs and how beautiful a person he is able to be. And we have a daughter. I don’t want her to lose her daddy forever but if he goes away for a little while and gets help then she won’t grow up hating me.

  5.  by  Ana Blue

    My ex-husband was heavily into speed and used to hit me, but I stayed with him because “I loved him.” Almost ten years later I finally realize that I DIDN’T love him- I just didn’t think I could do any better and I was afraid to die alone. He kept saying he “needed help,” so I kept giving it to him, even when he started stealing the rent money to feed his habit and we got evicted. Here’s the news: you will never matter as much to him as his drugs do until he gets clean. You can’t change him. You can’t fix him. You can’t help him. Mistreating a significant other is not one of the 12 steps. Get him into rehab and revisit this relationship when he’s out.

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