He actually loves me…..

He actually loves me.....

He actually loves me….ALL of me.

5 Comments on “He actually loves me…..

  1.  by  sameboat

    I always thought that there couldn’t be a single guy who could ever love me because of what I looked like at the time. But when I met him, I found out that I was wrong. Because of him, I started to love myself despite my imperfections.

  2.  by  Rose

    I’m still looking for a guy like that. It’s rare 🙁

  3.  by  dean

    Just look for someone who’s your size, or try harder to lose weight =/

    Unless you’re one of those people who can’t for medical reasons, but only you would know if that was true for yourself or not.

  4.  by  CharlieB

    I think Ive found someone like this but I don’t know why I can’t just be with him.

  5.  by  yay

    I love this. And dean – that is rude. Not everyone WANTS to lose weight! And there is no reason people shouldn’t be loved in the process. I have this now. Someone who loves me. All of me. And I am losing weight – but for me. Not because I want him to love me. But because he loves me the way I am NOW. Not me 50 lbs thinner – but me right. this. second. It is truly one of the best feelings in the world.

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